Web Design Degree Programs in Ohio (A-K)

Researching accredited web design degree programs in Ohio can help you find success as a web designer or a graphic designer. As more and more companies shift to online business, there will be a need for people able to create functional websites. Ohio is home to several large cities that offer these programs, including Columbus, Cincinnati, and Dayton. If you don’t live near one of those cities, you might have the chance to complete your courses online. The Buckeye State offers a number of opportunities and options for students interested in pursuing their dreams of working in the web design field.

Antonelli College

Art & Design

Gebhardt Art School opened in the late 1940s in Cincinnati as a training program for craftsman interested in working with their hands and creating art. After becoming the Ohio Visual Art Institute in the 1980s, it added more technology based programs and programs relating to various forms of art. It later became Antonelli College and opened several branches in other parts of Ohio and two campuses in Mississippi. Once it added technology programs, it gave students the option of studying web design and graphic design topics. Though the college expanded greatly in recent years, it still operates its main campus in Cincinnati.

Graphic Design Associates of Business

The Graphic Design AB program through Antonelli College is available on both its Cincinnati campus and its West Chester campus. Also known as an Associate of Applied Business degree, it gives students a unique perspective on how to work with their future clients and turn the wishes of their clients into amazing art and websites. Many of the courses in this program relate to web design, but students also take courses on communicating with clients, publishing in the digital world, creating brands, advertising basics, and the development of their company’s identity. As a hands on and interactive program, Antonelli College asks students to complete a number of projects throughout their studies. This lets students develop a strong portfolio that they can show potential clients and employers after leaving the program. A portfolio also gives you experience working with various publishing and illustrating software that you might use on the job.


  • The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC)


124 East 7th St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: (513) 241-4338
Website: http://www.antonellicollege.edu/programs/graphic-design

Belmont College

Information Technology

Established in 1971, Belmont College originally opened as Belmont Technical College. Its name change came about after the college shifted its focus more towards technology degree programs. Keeping its degree programs to fewer than 40 helped the college keep its costs down and focus more on its students. Though it has one main campus in St. Clairsville, it also has campuses in Cadiz and Monroe County. With a population of fewer than 3,000 students, Belmont College has a quiet and peaceful atmosphere that many students like, and its low class sizes let students form working relationships with professors and other students.

Electronic Media

The professors teaching in the Electronic Media program keep an eye on the changing nature of the field every day. They work hard to help their students understand that as technology changes, they need to stay ahead of those changes. The program teaches students how to look at the business world and identify their role in it and how businesses of different sizes use popular forms of media. Students spend a large portion of their time working on editing and publishing software that lets them create layouts and add images, videos, and text to create fully functioning websites. As one of the top accredited web design degree programs in Ohio, it is also home to a phenomenal career services department. This department helps students hone their skills and create a strong portfolio that showcases their talents when applying for jobs, and the department can also find internships and part-time jobs for students.


  • The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA HLC)


120 Fox-Shannon Place
St. Clairsville, OH 43950
Phone: (740) 695-9500
Website: http://www.belmontcollege.edu/academics/majors-and-programs/information-technology/electronic-media.aspx

Central Ohio Technical College

Computer and Interactive Media Technologies

Central Ohio Technical College opened its doors in the early 1970s as the number of technology firms and software companies increased in the state. As a technical school, it offers two-year degree programs that let students earn an Associate’s degree, and some programs let students complete their programs even faster. Its main campus in Newark is home to a new state of the art library and research center with more than 81,000 square feet of space available for students. It also boasts three campus scattered across the state and has agreements with many colleges that let students transfer their credits to a four-year degree program.

Digital Media Design Technology, Associate of Applied Science

The Digital Media Design Technology, AAS program offers students the choice between two concentrations: graphics design or web design. Graphics design students take courses focused more towards marketing and advertising. They learn how to create posters, flyers, billboards, television commercials and advertising campaigns targeting online shoppers. Web design students take more courses on designing, creating and publishing websites. The college often asks students to follow a set path and take a specific number of courses for each of the four semesters they spend in the program. Web design students take courses on web development, web design, multimedia production, fundamentals of design and digital photography. During your last semester, the school expects you to take one in-depth seminar on a web design topic and a portfolio course that shows you how to pull together the work you did on your own and in your previous class to create a portfolio you can show employers.


  • The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA HLC)


1179 University Drive
Newark, OH 43055
Phone: (740) 366-9494
Website: http://www.cotc.edu/programs-of-study/digital-media-design/Pages/index.aspx

Davis College

Department of Design

Davis College originally opened as a business school and remained a business school for decades. Founded in 1858 as Toledo Business College, it later changed its name to Davis Business College to reflect the former president and the hard work he did for the college. As a two-year institution, it offers Associate’s degrees that let students seek employment right after graduation or transfer to another school to earn a higher degree. Though the college has a strong reputation and now offers many programs outside of traditional business classes, it still has a small population of fewer than 500 students.

Graphic Design Associate Degree

Students interested in earning a Graphic Design Associate Degree from Davis College will need to take a total of 110 credit hours of courses. Unlike other colleges that require students take a large number of general education classes, Davis College only asks that students take courses on economics, social sciences, math, humanities and writing. You’ll also find that you need to take at least one communications course. Those required general education courses account for less than 35 of the credit hours you need for graduation. Courses on design concepts, drawing, web design, web development and marketing are also required. The program also includes business classes that teach you how to turn your love of design into a potential career and how you can use your skills to advertise yourself. All graphic design students must also take a course on technology and how they can use technology as a major resource when working in the field.


  • The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA HLC)


4747 Monroe Street
Toledo, Ohio 43623
Phone: (419) 473-2700
Email: learn@daviscollege.edu
Website: http://www.daviscollege.edu/academics.html

DeVry University

College of Media Arts & Technology

DeVry University ranks as one of the largest chains of for-profit colleges in the world. Founded as a small technical school in Chicago, students initially took courses on repairing televisions, projectors and other rudimentary electronics. That small college later expanded into other areas and became DeVry Technical Institute. The DeVry Education Group now owns and operates the school, which has branches in multiple states and some foreign territories. More than 60,000 students take classes on those campuses every year. DeVry currently operates several campuses in Ohio, including campuses in Dayton and Cincinnati, and offers a number of online programs and degrees. DeVry’s web design programs are ranked number four in the “Top 10 Best Online Web Design Schools and Degrees” by our editors.

Multimedia Design and Development Bachelor’s

Looking to earn your Multimedia Design and Development Bachelor’s degree? Thanks to DeVry University, you can earn your degree on its campuses in Seven Hills, Dayton, Cincinnati or Columbus. Designed as a four-year program, graduation requires the successful completion of 124 credit hours, and the program asks students to study full time for eight semesters, taking two full semesters of courses each year. The university offers four concentration options for students enrolled in the program: web game design, multimedia and graphic design, web design and development or management of graphic design. Its web design and development concentration shows students the importance of scripting and designing sites and how to integrate those sites into a computer network. Those interested in creating money off Internet games may prefer the web game design concentration. This concentration helps students learn how to turn a concept for a game into a fully functioning game that players can download or play online.

Web Graphic Design Associate’s

The Web Graphic Design Associate’s from DeVry University is one of the top accredited web design degree programs in Ohio that gives you the option of getting to work even faster. Rather than spending four years in college, you can finish this program in as little as two years or even less. Instead of requiring that you take general education courses and other classes that don’t apply to your major, the majority of your courses will fall within the categories of web design or graphic design. The school wants you to leave the program feeling like you can handle everything from scripting a website for a new client to incorporating animation and graphics into an existing site. A digital photography course shows you now only the basics of taking pictures but how to edit and digitally manipulate those images. You will also take courses on accessibility. These courses help you understand the basics of creating sites that are accessible to all users.


  • The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA HLC)


8800 Governors Hill Dr.
Ste. 100
Cincinnati, OH 45249
Phone: (513) 583-5000

Franklin University

College of Arts, Sciences & Technology

When Franklin University first opened, it was a branch of the local YMCA in Columbus that offered training programs designed to help men living in the city gain the skills needed for employment in various fields. Even after becoming a university in the 1930s, it remained connected to the YMCA for nearly 30 years. It was one of the first colleges in the country with a distance education program and one of the first with a military program. Franklin University now has five campuses in the United States and two overseas campuses, and it purchased Urbana University as well.

Web Development Degree

Franklin University wants the next great web designers to come from one of its campuses, which is why it offers a Web Design Degree. The professors working in the program have a high amount of experience in the field. They created websites, games and other online features, and they use their expertise to train their students. Its curriculum focuses on five key areas of web design: developing applications for the web, developing designs for front end applications, developing Internet databases, creating experience designs for users and designing and animating for the web. The university believes that giving students experience in each of those key areas will better assist them in fields ranging from web design and web development to producing and programming for the Internet. Franklin University continually changes its course curriculum to reflect changes in the industry and to help students remain up to date with the newest techniques and technologies.


  • The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA HLC)


201 S. Grant Ave.
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: (877) 341-6300
Email: admissions@franklin.edu
Website: http://www.franklin.edu/degree-programs/college-of-arts-sciences-technology

Kent State University

College of Applied Engineering, Sustainability and Technology

Kent State University is one of several colleges in Ohio that originally served as a normal school and prepared future teachers. Less than 20 years after opening, the school became Kent State College as it earned the right to grant students degrees instead of certificates. Many people know KSU due to the tragic shootings that occurred on campus in the 1970s, but the school worked hard to change its reputation and leave the past behind. In addition to its campus in Kent, KSU also has campuses in Stark, Trumball, Salem, and four other Ohio cities and has partnerships with facilities in Cleveland and New York City.

Computer Technology AAB, Internet/Multimedia Concentration

The Computer Technology AAB program at Kent State University is a program that consists of 63 credit hours for graduation, but students can take more courses and use those courses as credit towards a higher degree. KSU only requires that students take 12 general education courses before taking classes in computer technology. Students can select one of the four concentrations available, and those interested in web design often choose a concentration in Internet/multimedia technology. Those students will take one course that deals with designing for the web and creating multimedia online. Students can then choose one between a course on Internet ethics or scripting. An Internet ethics course helps you better understand how to work online. If you are more interested in designing for the web and developing your own websites, the scripting course will teach you the basics of different types of scripting.


  • The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA HLC)


800 E. Summit St.
Kent, OH 44240
Phone: (330) 672-3000
Email: info@kent.edu
Website: http://www2.kent.edu/catalog/2012/re/ug/comt/comt-aab-progreq

There is no time like the present to think about your future. Web designers work independently and for firms that create content and layouts for publications, businesses and individuals. Attending one of the accredited web design degree programs in Ohio can give you insight into what your clients want and prepare you for working with those clients.