Web Design Degree Programs in New Jersey

Students looking to the future will want to consider a career in technology, and accredited web design degree programs in New Jersey are a terrific place to start. By all accounts, jobs in graphics, the internet, and design, are on an upward trajectory and will sustain job growth around the world for many years to come. New Jersey has more than its fair share of web design programs at a variety of different colleges that range from community colleges to four-year universities in the private and public sectors. Students who wish to study technology in New Jersey benefit from the densely populated East Coast and its many technology corridors in places like New York, Massachusetts, and The Garden State.

Bergen Community College

Information Technology

Bergen Community College offers a variety of 2-year and associate’s degrees to students in Paramus. Founded in 1965, the site of the school is on a former golf course. Over the years, the school has expanded its educational offerings to include a variety of degree and non-degree programs. Around 17,000 students attend classes at the college while another 10,000 students use the school’s online education portal. In recent years, the school has seen significant enrollment increases with a 17% increase of students since the 2009 enrollment session. The school’s accreditation by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education stretches back to 1972.

Web Development and Management – AAS

The associate’s degree in Web Development at Bergen Community College focuses mainly on web skills, including all facets of creating and preparing a web page. Different topics covered in the curriculum include design of web pages, the development of websites, and scripting within a web page’s server. Additionally, students learn about programming and multimedia as they relate to web pages, as well as about database and networking issues. After a student obtains this degree, he or she will become eligible to transfer to a four-year college or university. Bergen features partnerships with New Jersey universities like the New Jersey Institute of Technology, which allow students to transfer directly from Bergen Community College to study at the university in a four-year program. Like other accredited web design degree programs in New Jersey, some of the classes that students may take while enrolled include Web Publishing, Web Development Using HTML, and Web Development Using Dreamweaver. Students may also decide to enter the work force directly after receiving an associate’s degree.


  • The Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE)


Bergen Community College
400 Paramus Road
Paramus, NJ 07652
Phone: (201) 447-7100
Email: admissions@bergen.edu
Website: http://www.bergen.edu/academics/academic-divisions-departments/information-technology/degree-certificate-programs

County College of Morris

Division of Business, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technologies

Established in 1966 and located in Randolph, the County College of Morris offers a variety of associate’s degrees and certificates. Students commonly move onto a four-year university after receiving an associate’s degree from CCM. The school offers degrees in areas like engineering, technology, and healthcare. About 8,500 students attend classes at the main campus in Randolph, as well as at a satellite campus in Morristown. Interestingly, the college recently installed solar parking canopies in five of its parking lots and upgraded all of its exterior lighting to efficient LED options. In the next few years, the college also has plans to expand its offerings and the learning space available for students.

Computer Information Systems Option, Computer Science

Students enrolled in the computer science option will receive valuable instruction on topics like computational theory and programming. A the close of the degree schedule, students will be able to solve many common problems that come about in standard computer science venues. Students study in-depth about topics like object-oriented languages, algorithms, and computer architecture. In addition, the program also features classes on systems programming, data structures, and systems analysis and design. Students who complete the associate’s degree program will have a complete understanding of the important foundations within computer science. These skills will help students enter a four-year program with the knowledge needed to obtain a bachelor’s degree, or the knowledge required to enter the work force in a computer science-related job. The college suggests that computer-related jobs will grow at a fantastic rate in the next decade, which means that a degree in computer science or a related field from CCM will be valuable for reasons of income and swift employment opportunities.

Digital Media Technology, AAS

With an associate’s degree in Digital Media Technology, students may expect to enter a variety of fields related to computer animation, game design, and multimedia for the web. Additionally, students will be exposed to vital skills needed for digital video and audio production. Students benefit from working with industry-standard software and updated hardware that provides students a relevant education that takes advantage of the latest technology developments in the industry. The college describes its Digital Media Technology program as one that prepares students for an environment of rapidly changing careers in a diverse industry. Some of the industries in which students may work after graduation include broadcasting, photography, game design, electronic music, as well as many other areas. One of the most exciting features of the program is that students get the opportunity to intern with famous companies like Arista Records, MSNBC, MTV Networks, and Oxygen Media, among many other nationally recognized media companies.

Web Development, Certificate of Achievement

The County College of Morris offers students a variety of valuable certificates that are designed for people who are already in the workforce and are looking to further their skills in a given area with additional classes on a topic that’s related to their current employment or job aspirations. The Web Development Certificate of Achievement requires that students complete at least 15 credits that include classes like Web Design Tools, Web Design II, and The Internet and Web Page Design. Additionally, students must complete at least six credits from a variety of electives like Games Design Concepts, Foundations of Information Security, and Digital Media Production. The technical certificates offered by CCM are valuable for anyone who works in a creative position and wishes to expand his or her job opportunities by learning about vital technology used in his or her industry. Certificate programs are designed to feature a balance of hands-on experience alongside theory that’s relevant to the subject of study of the certificate.


  • The Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE)


County College of Morris
214 Center Grove Road
Randolph, NJ 07869
Phone: (873) 328-5000
Email: admissions@ccm.edu
Website: http://www.ccm.edu/academics/divdep/BMET/infotech

DeVry University

College of Media Arts & Technology

DeVry University was founded in 1931 and is a division of the DeVry Education Group. The business owns DeVry, as well as the Keller Graduate School of Management, Ross University, and a handful of other colleges around the country. DeVry has over 60,000 students enrolled at all of its campuses around North America, and from its online classroom options. Students can attend any one of 90 different campuses, and several DeVry campuses are located in New Jersey. In addition to locations around New Jersey and the United States, DeVry also has campuses in Brazil and Canada. The university got its modern name in 2002 after being founded as DeForest Training School. Devry’s Associate’s and Bachelor’s web design programs were listed number four on the top ten best online web design degrees and schools by our editors.

Web Graphic Design Degree Program (Cherry Hill, North Brunswick, & Paramus Campuses)

Students learn about several vital topics within the area of web graphic design when they choose the Associate’s degree program at DeVry. Some of the concepts covered in classes include web content management, animation, and fundamental design principles that impact key software applications. A variety of businesses employ graduates with skills in web graphics including advertising agencies, in-house corporate communications departments, and marketing firms. Students should expect to take classes for 5 full-time semester to complete their degree, which equals 67 credit hours. Students may complete their degree via the online degree program, or they may choose to attend classes at the North Brunswick, Cherry Hill, or Paramus locations in New Jersey. In addition, the university offers hybrid schedules that combine online learning and in-classroom experiences. Students may want to consider moving on to the bachelor’s degree program in Multimedia Design and Development if they wish to expand upon the fundamentals of design learned while in the associate’s degree program.

Multimedia Design and Development Bachelor’s Degree (North Brunswick & Paramus Campuses)

For many students, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Design and Development offers the knowledge students need to enter the work force quickly with knowledge and assets required by companies today. Students study a variety of important principles within design including software applications, web content management, and graphics animation. Students may choose to specialize in one of four different areas within Multimedia Design including Web Game Programming, Graphics and Multimedia Management, Graphic and Multimedia Design, and Web Design and Development. Students should expect to take 8 full-time semesters to complete the degree, which equals a total of 124 credit hours. Like other programs at DeVry, students may choose to enroll in classes through the online option at DeVry, attend classes at physical locations in New Jersey, or attend classes in both styles. Some of the jobs students will be able to handle after graduation may include working with marketing collateral, designing instructional material, and crafting multimedia projects and presentations.


  • The Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE)


DeVry University
North Brunswick Campus
630 U.S. Highway One
North Brunswick, NJ 08902
Phone: (732) 729-3960
Email: admissions@devry.edu
Website: http://www.devry.edu/degree-programs/college-media-arts-technology.html

New Jersey Institute of Technology

School of Art and Design

Located in the city of Newark, NJIT was established in 1881 and is a short 9 mile drive to New York City, which is about 20 minutes away by rapid transit. A variety of 19th century industrialists founded the school together as the Newark Technical School. After some time, the school turned into a college focused on engineering. In later years, the college added a school of architecture and expanded upon its course and degree offerings. The school originally opened with just 88 students and grew over the next century to offer classes to over 10,000 students with an academic staff of almost 500.

Bachelor of Arts in Digital Design

The Institute describes digital design as an evolving and exciting field that provides support to a large number of essential and fast-growing industries. Companies that require web-based communications, as well as advertisement and various entertainment companies require the skills of someone well-versed in digital design. Most movies today, as well as series on television, require digital effects. Also, publications like magazines, products like video game, and physical advertisements also require artists who know how to work with digital design. The school suggests that graduates with a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Design will be able to become leaders in several design fields that require technical skills and creative ingenuity. Like other accredited web design degree programs in New Jersey, students may choose from a variety of types of employment after graduation including jobs in animation, special effects, software design, web design, and video or film production. The fields open to graduates often straddle areas that require both creative and technical skills.

BA and BS Degree Programs in Communications and Media

According to NJIT, the ability to communicate through ideas and information is a highly sought-after skill in today’s business world, and jobs that deal with communications are expanding rapidly in today’s global economy. A variety of essential jobs connected to the internet require the skills of employees with digital design experience such as streaming videos, digital music, and web content. The college suggests that the school’s campus is one of the most technology-rich in the nation and that computers provide an essential link between the culture of the school and its programs. Communications and media students also have access to two of the newest computer labs on the campus that are stocked with a variety of new and essential computer programs. Students may choose from four different concentrations when they study Communications and Media including Literature, Media Arts, Theater Arts, and Professional and Technical Communication. Students also benefit from a two-semester co-op work experience while enrolled.

BS in Web and Information Systems

The Web and Information Systems program at NJIT features a practical approach to learning that exposes students to vital topics on design, development, and evaluation of web and mobile systems. Students also learn about essential topics like application development tools, databases, and software use and evaluation. The school suggests that jobs in this area are growing at a terrific rate, according to statistics compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Some of the jobs students will be qualified for after graduation include web developer, interactive media designer, and application systems analyst. Themes present in the program include lessons on evaluating the effectiveness of technology, designing solutions to organizational problems, and analyzing data to create more effective mobile and web applications for business. Students may study full-time or part-time in the program and also have access to special research opportunities with faculty that fits well with the school’s state-of-the-art approach to curriculum and learning.


  • The Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE)


School of Art + Design
College of Architecture and Design
New Jersey Institute of Technology
University Heights
Newark, NJ 07102
Phone: (973) 596-3080
Email: glenn.goldman@njit.edu
Website: http://art.njit.edu/

Raritan Valley Community College

Computer Science Department

Established in 1965, Raritan Valley Community College is a two-year school that offers a variety of associate’s degrees, certificate programs, and continuing education courses. The college was originally known as Somerset County College and was supported by the counties of Hunterdon and Somerset in New Jersey. The school boasts partnerships with several four-year universities in New Jersey like Rutgers and The State University of New Jersey where students may transfer after receiving an associate’s degree from the school. The school holds a variety of accreditations for its nursing programs, law programs, in addition to its accreditation by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Web Developer Associate of Science Degree

The associate’s degree at Raritan Valley Community College is designed for students who wish eventually to transfer to a four-year university. Students take classes on a variety of important web development principles and are taught from perspectives of theory, as well as professional experience. After graduation, students may decide to find employment as web page designers, web analysts, and web developers. Graduates of the program will be able to identify the features of a good website, understand how storyboards are used in the development of website, and create web pages using programming languages like HTML and functions like FTP. Some of the classes students will take during enrollment include Computer Concepts and Programming, Web Page Development, Interactive Multimedia, and Relational Database with Web Applications. One of the most important skills students will learn is how new technology impacts the industry and how existing websites can be modified and updated to accommodate new technologies.


  • The Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE)


Raritan Valley Community College
118 Lamington Road
Branchburg, NJ 08876
Phone: (908) 526-1200 x8969
Email: john.sullivan@raritanval.edu
Website: http://www.raritanval.edu/academics/dept/cs/index.html

Rider University

College of Liberal Arts, Education, & Science

Established in 1865, Rider University regularly shows up on “best of” lists for colleges in the New Jersey area by publications like the “Princeton Review” and “U.S. News & World Report.” Just under 6,000 students are enrolled at the university with around 236 full-time academic staff. The school was originally known as the Trenton Business College when it was established by a pair of men who ran business schools. After its initial founding, the school expanded quickly and eventually started to offer degrees in a variety of areas outside its initial focus of business. In recent years, the college has experienced significant expansion with the construction of new buildings and renovations of older structures on campus.

Web Design Bachelor’s Degree

When enrolled in the Web Design program at Rider, students will learn how to design and implement web pages, as well as work with interactive media, and understand how print design standards influence the production of websites and graphics online. Students take classes in a variety of areas like visual communication and design, and learn about several topics within the industry of design. Students must complete a capstone project as part of their work in the program which requires work with an actual client to create a website. Some of the classes students take while enrolled include Writing for the Communication Professions, Publication Design, and Multimedia Production. Students will have a portfolio of work upon graduation from the program, which will help students enter the work force and find jobs in web design. Some of the interesting electives students may take include Audio Production, 3D Graphic Animation, and Converging Digital Media.


  • The Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE)


Rider University
2083 Lawrenceville Road
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
Phone: (609) 896-5000
Email: admissions@rider.edu
Website: http://www.rider.edu/academics/colleges-schools/college-liberal-arts-education-science/liberal-arts-programs/communicati-5

Obtaining a degree in any field related to the internet and digital design ensures that a student will have great opportunities to find rewarding and lucrative work after graduation. With a degree in web design, a student can get into the television and movie industry with a creative job in website design, or he may pursue the technical side of the industry with work in databases and other “behind the scenes” work. Students who already live in the state have access to many accredited web design degree programs in New Jersey, but the quality of the colleges in the state also make a terrific choice for students located anywhere in the country.