Web Design Degree Programs in Michigan (A-K)

Technology savvy and attuned to the needs of businesses today, many colleges offer accredited web design degree programs in Michigan. Although most people associate Michigan with Detroit and the “Big Three” American car companies, the state is much more than the car capital of the world. For example, scientists in Michigan recently built a low-cost 3D printer, and an announcement from the University of Michigan recently revealed that a record number of inventions and new technologies had been submitted to the school’s popular “Tech Transfer” program. Computers, the internet, and web design represent the future of technology, and obtaining a degree in this area is a terrific educational step.

The Art Institute of Michigan

Graphic & Web Design

The Art Institute of Michigan is a branch of the school’s main Chicago branch and is located in Novi, a suburb of Detroit. The school features a variety of major areas of study including design, media arts, fashion, and the culinary arts. One of the benefits of studying at the Michigan branch of the Art Institute is the small-town feel of the campus, but it’s quite close to the major cities of Ann Arbor and Detroit. The campus features a variety of labs built for study in media arts, fashion, and design, as well as computer labs and an equipment check-out center.

Graphic Design–Associate of Applied Science & Bachelor of Fine Arts

Students of graphic design at the Art Institute learn about a variety of important subjects like typography, color theory, and design while enrolled in the program. Some types of employment available to students after graduation include work as a freelance artist, employment as a graphic designer, or jobs as a layout artist. Almost all industries are open to graphic artists like advertising, business, and entertainment. Students benefit from a curriculum that features exposure to technology and programs that are essential to work as a graphic designer. Students also take classes that include ethics, professionalism, and industry standards of behavior. Work begins in the program with learning about the basics of color, drawing, and perspective, in addition to many other basic design elements. Students must complete 90 credits in the school’s quarter system to obtain the associate’s degree and 180 quarter credits to obtain the bachelor’s degree.

Web Design & Interactive Media–Associate of Applied Science & Bachelor of Fine Arts

Students in the Web Design & Interactive Media program will learn about a variety of interesting and artistic topics like interactivity, database design, technology, and visual design. Students are exposed to a variety of mediums so as to build a quality level of knowledge for web-related work. After graduation, students have the opportunity to enter jobs in a variety of positions in special effects and interactive design, or as a computer artist, in addition to many other successful ventures. One of the important skills students learn in these programs is the ability to communicate effectively in a variety of mediums with clients, employers, and colleagues. Students first learn basic design skills and then move on to advanced concepts in perspective, color theory, and composition. During the program, students will work to complete a portfolio that showcases their talents. Students must complete 90 quarter credits to obtain the associate’s degree and 180 quarter credits to obtain the bachelor’s degree.


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The Art Institute of Michigan
28125 Cabot Drive, Suite 120
Novi, MI 48377
Phone: (248) 675-3800
Email: admissions@aii.edu
Website: http://www.artinstitutes.edu/detroit/design-502.aspx

Baker College

Computer Information Systems

Founded in 1911, Baker College was once known as Baker Business University, and its first location was in Flint, Michigan. Today, the college focuses on career development and offers over 150 programs at its various locations around Michigan. The college features a “right-to-try” admissions policy and also works to provide students with a variety of different financial aid options. Some of the programs offered by the school include human services, technology, and education. In the past few years, the college has undergone substantial expansion with new facilities built for students in Flint, Muskegon, and Cadillac. In 1911, the school celebrated its centennial anniversary.

Associate of Applied Science in Web Development

Web developers maintain and create web sites for a variety of uses in the public and private arena. In Baker’s program, students learn about a number of essential web design fundamentals in areas like Visual BASIC, HTML, scripting, SQL databases, and Linux/Unix systems. The college notes that it strives to keep class sizes small to keep the program strong. Students who choose to enroll in accredited web design degree programs in Michigan may have the opportunity to earn anywhere between $47,000 to $71,000, according to figures published by the college on average web developer wages. The school also says that available employment opportunities are expected to expand by around 15 percent over the course of the next decade. In addition, web developers have the opportunity to work in a variety of environments from traditional office spaces to telecommuting positions. Students can obtain their associate’s degree at four different Baker College locations including Muskegon, Clinton Township, Auburn Hills, and Allen Park.  Baker’s Web Development AAS includes the courses required to received the Web Development certificate, which is ranked as number eight in the top ten best online web design schools and degrees according to our editors. 


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Baker College of Allen Park
4500 Enterprise Drive
Allen Park, MI 48101
Phone: (248) 340-0600
Email: admissions@baker.edu
Website: http://www.baker.edu/programs/detail/web-development-aas/

College for Creative Studies

Graphic Design Department

With around 1,400 students enrolled, the College for Creative Studies offers students a variety of areas of study including advertising, art education, photography, and product design. One of the special features of the college is its free art education program given to several thousand young students in the Detroit area each year. The college also runs a middle school and high school for students who are talented in the arts. Established in 1906, the school was originally an association for arts teaching called the Detroit Society of Arts and Crafts, which was an extension of the British Arts & Crafts movement.

Bachelor’s of Fine Arts (BFA) in Creative Graphic Design

Described as a creative process that employs technology and art to create meaningful applications, graphic design at the College for Creative Studies offers entry into a variety of fun jobs like creating the title sequences for movies and television and crafting interactive media for web and smartphone applications. The college boasts that its program was one of the first to employ experience design, which entails designing visual elements of interactive designs used in smart phones. Some of the employment opportunities for graduates of the program include editorial design, information design, and web design. Students also have the opportunity to intern with nationally and internationally recognized companies like Chrysler Financial, Green Sky Creative, and Microsoft. Some of the subjects that students will learn about during their time at the College for Creative Studies include editorial design, advertising design, and motion graphics. The wide variety of topics covered by the curriculum ensures that students will have a broad set of knowledge upon graduating from the program.


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College for Creative Studies
201 East Kirby
Detroit, MI 48202
Phone: (313) 664-7425
Email: admissions@collegeforcreativestudies.com
Website: http://www.collegeforcreativestudies.edu/academics/undergraduate-programs/graphic-design

DeVry University, Southfield Campus

College of Engineering & Information Sciences

Established in 1931, DeVry University is a for-profit organization that operates many schools around the United States including the Southfield Campus in Michigan. There are around 60,000 students attending classes at DeVry around the country, and the school’s home base is in Downers Grove, Illinois. DeVry was originally known as DeForest Training School and was located in Chicago. The founder of the school was an inventor of a motion picture projector and was a producer of training films. Overall, a majority of the students at DeVry are over 25 years old and just over half of students enrolled in classes are seeking bachelor’s degrees.

Computer Information Systems Bachelor’s Degree, Web Development and Administration

Any prospective student who wants to become a master of designing and implementing websites will want to explore DeVry’s program in Web Development and Administration. The course of study features instruction on front-end and back-end programming, which allows graduates to find employment in many types of businesses at all points of the web development process, from concept to delivery. Front-end programming includes things like the navigation that users of websites see when they visit a page. Back-end programming concerns building databases and the hardware infrastructure required to house the websites. Some of the classes students will take in this program include Web Architecture, Advanced Web Application Development, and Principles of E-Commerce. With the skills learned in this program, students will be able to create secure websites that are safe for users and protect the valuable data and information used by companies and their clients on the web. Students can design accessible websites while also ensuring customer privacy during the web surfing experience.

Web Graphic Design, Associate’s Degree

All websites require media and graphics, and the Web Graphic Design degree at DeVry teaches students about a variety of essential concepts in this area including the graphics required for pages, how graphics impact marketing, and the influence of multimedia on internet-based applications. When students complete their study in the program, they’ll possess a professional portfolio that will help with the job search after graduation. Employment opportunities for students after receiving an associate’s degree include marketing agencies, advertising firms, and in-house communications departments at major corporations. The degree requires five full-time semesters, which equals 67 credit hours overall. Students have access to a variety of options for attending class including online classes, on-campus classes, or a mixture of both. After students complete the associate’s degree program, they may be eligible to enter a bachelor’s degree program and bypass many of that degree’s basic requirements through prior experience in the classroom.

Multimedia Design and Development, Bachelor’s Degree

Visual communication is vital in today’s commercial and retail environment, and students who enter the Multimedia Design and Development program at DeVry will learn how to manage, design, and illustrate these vital business communications. Students may specialize in one of four areas with this degree and are encouraged to choose an area that interests them. Like other programs at DeVry, students may choose to take classes online, at the campus, or in a combination of both options. During the program, students will create a valuable portfolio of work to show prospective employers after graduation. Students are also guaranteed a specific tuition rate upon acceptance to the university which won’t change over the course of their time at the school. Overall, the program requires that students complete eight full-time semesters, which equals 124 credit hours. Specialties in which a student may focus include Graphic and Multimedia Design, Web Design and Development, Web Game Programming, and Graphics and Multimedia Development.


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DeVry University
Administrative Offices
Highland Landmark V
3005 Highland Parkway
Downers Grove, IL 60515
Phone: (866) 338-7934
Email: admissions@devry.edu
Website: http://www.devry.edu/degree-programs/college-engineering-information-sciences/computer-information-systems-about.html

Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Associate of Applied Science

Students who attend Kalamazoo Valley Community College receive associate’s degrees or certificates in various areas that prepare them to enter the workforce immediately. Alternatively, students may also choose to move on to a bachelor’s degree program at any number of partner schools in Michigan that offer undergraduate degrees. Established in 1966, Kalamazoo Valley Community College has also offered training classes and workshops for working professionals in Michigan. Some of the seminars offered by the college have included personal development, manufacturing processes, and supervisory management. The school has locations in downtown Kalamazoo and southwest of town in a community called Texas Charter Township.

Web Design & Development, Associate of Applied Science

To be awarded an associate’s degree at Kalamazoo Valley Community College, students must complete the curriculum of their chosen program by maintaining a GPA of at least 2.0 in all classes numbered 100 and above. Additionally, only classes 100 and above count for satisfying degree requirements. Students take a variety of interesting courses during their time in the program including Web Design, JavaScript, Advanced Web Page Coding, and System Projects. The college offers students access to a special Advanced Technology Center, which helps students experience a technology-rich environment that showcases technological innovations and educational opportunities that are important to businesses and industry today. The campus offers students state-of-the-art facilities with libraries, computer labs, and a student commons area. The commons area is described by the college as a “holistic center of student learning.” In addition, students have access to the nearby Kalamazoo Valley Museum and a terrific Wellness & Fitness Center.


  • Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association (NCA HLC)


Kalamazoo Valley Community College
6767 West O Ave
P.O. Box 4070
Kalamazoo, MI 49003
Phone: (269) 488-4400
Email: admissions@kvcc.edu
Website: https://www.kvcc.edu/academics/careerguides/displayProgram.php?trsfr=NO&prog=WDD.AAS

Kirtland Community College

Computer Degrees

Located in Roscommon, Kirtland Community College is the largest community college district in the state and has offered classes since 1968. Students can choose from nearly 50 degree and certificate programs at the college and may also choose to transfer to a four-year institution after getting an associate’s degree. Some of the subjects available to students include arts, criminal justice, teaching, and computers. In addition to the college’s campus in Roscommon, the school also features campuses in Gaylord and West Branch. A few years ago, the college was given a $2 million grant meant to expand opportunities for students wanting to attend classes online.

Web Design and Internet Development, Associate in Applied Science

Degrees associated with computers are considered very lucrative, and technology is an area of the economy in a phase of constant growth and expansion. A variety of areas in computer sciences are open to graduates of the Web Design and Internet Development course including jobs in graphic design, internet sales, and web development. Some of the skills students learn while enrolled include search engine optimization, graphic design, and hardware and server knowledge. The school suggests that webmasters can make around $75,000 a year once they’re established in the industry. As a student at Kirtland, one of the best features of the program is the free software offered to students to use while learning. Many of the careers in the computer industry require a four-year degree, and the program at Kirtland is designed to accommodate transfer students who wish to turn their associate’s degree into a bachelor’s degree, which saves the average student a significant amount of money on tuition.


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Kirtland Community College
10775 N. St. Helen Road
Roscommon, MI 48653
Phone: (989) 275-5000
Email: admissions@kirtland.edu
Website: http://www.kirtland.edu/academic-programs/computer-degrees

Students who feel that they might enjoy working with computers and feel creative as well as mathematically inclined are encouraged to seek an education in web design. The internet is in a permanent state of growth and expansion, and the need for web designers and professionals who have an education in internet technologies is significant. Along with healthcare, technology is one of the swiftest growing industries in the United States. For students interested in web design and a job that features work with the internet, databases, and computers, finding accredited web design degree programs in Michigan is an excellent project.