Web Design Degree Programs in Massachusetts

Looking for accredited web design degree programs in Massachusetts that will prepare you for everything the future holds? Best known for being one of the original colonies in the United States and for its historic cities, the state prides its history and connection to the nation. From larger cities like Boston to and Wilmington to smaller towns and more rural communities, the state is home to hundreds of cities and schools. Those schools let you learn more about web development and design, which will help you meet the needs of your future clients and enjoy a career that you love and appreciate.

Bunker Hill Community College

Computer Information Technology Department

Bunker Hill Community College is a large public college in Boston. Established in 1973, the college originally opened as a small school that provided educational opportunities for students living in the nearby neighborhoods, but it now has students enrolling from all across the state. BHCC opened a second campus in Chelsea, which helped it expand into other program offerings, but its main campus is still the largest. The school has a population of approximately 14,000 students across both campuses. Students taking courses on the main campus have the chance to take classes in some of the city’s most historic buildings.

Computer Information Systems Associate of Arts

The Computer Information Systems Associate of Arts program at Bunker Hill Community College is a program designed to give students a better understanding of computers, web development, and design programs. Graduates learn how to analyze the needs of a large or complex group of networks and how to use computers to meet the needs of that network. Students can immediately enter the workforce after completing the program or transfer their credits into a Bachelor’s program in computer sciences in Massachusetts or another state. Like many programs, students take a combination of specialized computer science courses and some general education courses, including college writing, microeconomics, humanities and quantitative thought. Computer information systems courses available in this program include visual basics and introduction to computer information systems. Through their introductory studies, students learn the fundamentals behind how computers operate and how they can use different types of software and programs on those machines.

Associate in Science, Interactive Design Option

Through the Associate in Science, Interactive Design Option program at BHCC, you get a better grasp on the terminology and programs that you need to work as a programmer or designer. Designed as a two-year program, students must take and complete 64 hours of courses that include general education courses, computer science courses and design courses. This is one of the few shorter programs in the state that encourages students to take one or more internships during their studies. You can use those internships in lieu of some required courses. For example, those who take a graphic design internship can skip taking the required Drawing II class. Many of the programs that you take focus on specific types of programs and software that you need to use during your career. You’ll learn how to use digital publishing software, digital illustration software, and photo editing software that you use when creating online images.

Associate in Science, Web Development Option

In addition to an Interactive Design program, BHCC also offers an Associate in Science, Web Development Option. Specifically designed for students interested in creating websites for themselves and others, this program focuses more on the tools, skills and techniques that web developers and designers need. Some of the courses that you take cover a wide range of software and programs, including XSL, Javascript, Dreamweaver, XML and Flash. Designers can use some of the skills they learn to create small games that they place online, but you’ll also learn skills that you can use to produce your own apps for use on smartphones and tablets. Students must also complete a web development internship, which lets you create your own website that you can use as part of your portfolio. Students also take a communications course, which teaches them how to talk effectively with potential clients and increase their customer base.


  • New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. (NEASC)

250 New Rutherford Avenue
Boston, MA 02129-2925
Phone: (617) 228-2000
Email: admissions@bhcc.mass.edu

Hampshire College

Hampshire College is one of five experimental colleges that opened across the state in the 1970s. Though it later shifted to a more traditional learning experience, those campuses now go by the name of Five Colleges. The primary idea behind the school involved relationships that existed between students and faculty members. The founders of the campuses believed that fostering those relationships would help students now and in the future and get professors excited about educating their students. Students today build their own curriculum and complete projects and large assignments rather than spending most of their time in a classroom.

Computer Science

The Computer Science program at Hampshire College is unlike most programs available through other schools. While students must complete certain assignments and projects during their early years, they have the chance to create projects that appeal to them rather than doing the same projects as other students. As a freshmen, you’ll take a class that teaches you more about the limitations of computers and what you can’t do with those machines. You might take later courses on animation and production, software engineering, artificial intelligence, algorithms, and computer language. HC has relationships with other schools that let students take part in consortium programs between the two schools. Those programs cover topics on robotics, computational geometry, computer architecture and other unusual topics. Hampshire College believes in helping minorities gain a foothold in the industry, and female students can take courses designed on helping them seek employment and work in the computer sciences field after graduation.

Digital Media

Digital Media is a rapidly growing field, and Hampshire College wants its students to feel prepared to work in that field later. HC ranks as one of the first colleges in the country to offer a degree program that focused on digital media, and other schools still only offer this field of study as a minor program. The program emphasizes the importance of digital photography, computer graphics, electronic media and digital production. Former graduates of the program now design video games, create electronic music, build websites and work as artists. The program consists of specific courses that give students the freedom and flexibility to make those courses fit with their future goals. Computer animation, digital art, women in animation and video art in the 21st century are a few examples of the courses available in this program. You have the chance to create a project that fits with the topic of the class to finish the course.


  • New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. (NEASC)

893 West Street
Amherst, MA 01002
Phone: (413) 559-5378
Email: dof@hampshire.edu
Website: https://www.hampshire.edu/academics/digital_media.htm

ITT Tech

School of Information Technology

ITT Technical Institute, better known as ITT Tech, is a chain of for-profit schools with locations all across the country and in a few foreign territories. Established in 1969, the college opened with one location and later opened additional locations and absorbed failing or struggling campuses. ITT Tech, which has two campuses in Massachusetts, gives students several ways to take courses. Most classes meet in the evenings and later at night to help those working full time jobs, but the institute also offers most of its courses online. As not all programs are available through all campuses, students should look at what classes are available in their areas.

Information Technology, Web Development Option in Applied Science (AAS)

The Information Technology, Web Development Option Associate in Applied Science (AAS) is a computer science program available at both the Norwood and Wilmington campuses of ITT Tech in Massachusetts. Web developers create websites for others, and you might find yourself working with a major corporation one day before helping a small business owner launch a new website the following day. As many designers work independently or on a freelance basis, the ITT Tech program is extremely helpful. With the classes you take online and the time you spend working on projects on your own, you’ll grow more comfortable working without a supervisor standing over your shoulder. After finishing the program, you can successfully work as a layout or production artist, a web developer, an art designer or an online art director. Courses in the ITT program cover website design, desktop publishing, graphic arts and web scripting.

Information Technology – Multimedia Option: Associate in Applied Science (AAS)

ITT Tech also offers an Information Technology – Multimedia Option: Associate in Applied Science (AAS) program. Available only at the Wilmington campus, this 96 credit hour program looks at how computers constantly change and evolve and what students need to do to remain ahead of and on top of those changes. Composition, college mathematics and microeconomics count towards your required 28 credit hours of general education courses, but you also need to take 56 credit hours of core requirements and 12 credits of technical classes. Those technical classes include strategies for the technical professional and professional procedures and portfolio development, which show you how to build your own graphic design portfolio. Other required courses for graduation include rapid visualization, interactive communication design, broadcast graphics, 3D modeling and animation. Prior to graduating, you need to complete a capstone project and create a final assignment that showcases your graphic design skills.


  • New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. (NEASC)

200 Ballardvale Street, Suite 200
Wilmington, MA 01887
Phone: (978) 658-2636

333 Providence Highway, Route 1
Norwood, MA 02062
Phone: (781) 278-7200

Lasell College

Communications Department

Founded in 1851, Lasell College opened as a small private college. With a population of less than 2,000 students, including both graduate and undergraduate students, the college has a small and welcoming students. Those students get to know each other and form relationships that last long after college ends. The college originally opened as a female seminary and spent years educating female students from all along the coast, but it later granted male students the chance to study in the 1990s. Lasell still has a larger population of female students than it does males, but the number of male students increased in recent years.

Multimedia and Web Design Bachelor’s

Lasell College launched its Multimedia and Web Design Bachelor’s program through its Communications Department. While other schools offer these programs through IT departments, Lasell understood the importance that communication has on the field of web design and development. Prior to taking computer and design courses, students must take classes and demonstrate an understanding of how to read, write and speak with others. Another important component of the program is a research element, which shows students how to research more complex tasks and break their research down into smaller parts. Students must complete a minimum of 120 credit hours of courses before graduating, including social and behavioral science, life science, math and humanities courses. Required courses for all students in the program include digital photography, radio production, video production, web design and development and understanding video games. Students can also take electives and internships as part of their studies.


  • New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. (NEASC)

1844 Commonwealth Avenue
Newton, MA 02466
Phone: (617) 243-2000
Email: info@lasell.edu
Website: http://www.lasell.edu/academics/academic-catalog/undergraduate-catalog/programs-of-study/communication/multimedia-and-web-design.html

Middlesex Community College

Liberal Studies

Though Middlesex Community College only opened in 1970, it has an interesting history. Students initially attended classes in old hospital buildings before the college began offering classes in a former seminary. After raising money and receiving a number of donations, the college opened its own campus with new buildings. MCC now has a second campus, which opened in the 1980s, and the population between those two campuses is a little over 8,000. The college now offers nearly 60 degree programs and more than 20 certificate programs, and most programs help students work in a specific field without earning a more advanced degree.

Associate in Science, Graphic Design

The Associate of Science program is a program offered by Middlesex Community College that lets students select a concentration or a field of study from a range of different topics. The Associate of Science, Graphic Design option ranks as one of the more popular choices. As a career driven program, faculty members and professors emphasize specific topics and skills that students will need when working in the graphic design field. Many of the students enrolled in the program transfer to a Bachelor’s degree program after completing their studies, and faculty members and advisers help students determine which courses will transfer to other schools. As a 63 credit hour program, students take general education classes and specialized courses that include art appreciation, electronic imaging, graphic production and layout, introduction to web design and graphic design portfolio preparation. Graphic design internship programs are also available for students interested in learning outside of the classroom.


  • New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. (NEASC)

591 Springs Road
Bedford, MA 01730
Phone: (800) 818-3434
Email: middlesex@middlesex.mass.edu
Website: http://catalog.middlesex.mass.edu/preview_program.php?poid=1934&catiod=16

New England Institute of Art

Graphic & Web Design

When the New England Institute of Art opened in 1952, it went by the name of the Norm Prescott School of Broadcast Journalism. The college originally offered few degree programs and primarily focused on diplomas. When the Art Institute took over ownership of the school in the 1990s, it only offered two diploma programs. The Art Institute is one of the largest for-profit chains of colleges in the country, and it emphasizes programs relating to communications, journalism, design and other creative arts. Classes meet in a large building in downtown Brookline and owns and operates its own radio station, record label and magazine.

BS Graphic & Web Design

As one of several accredited web design degree programs in Massachusetts, the New England Institute of Art wants its graduates to enter the field fully prepared. Through its Graphic and Web Design field of study, students can choose to concentrate on graphic design only, web design only or take a combination of courses from both programs. All students in the program take classes on image manipulation, layout and concept design, typography, interactive motion graphics and the fundamentals of color and design. Graphic design students also take courses on advertising concepts, art direction, publication design and package design. If you decide to focus on web design, you can expect to take courses on information architecture, audio production, video production, designing for mobile devices and scripting for websites. As technology changes, the program changes to reflect those new productions, letting students leave the program with a firm grasp on new forms of media and technology.


  • New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. (NEASC)

10 Brookline Pl.
Brookline, MA 02445
Phone; (617) 739-1700
Website: http://new.artinstitutes.edu/areasofstudy/Graphic-And-Web-Design/detail/42

Quinsigamond Community College

Engineering & Technology

Quinsigamond Community College opened in the 1960s in Worcester, Massachusetts. Assumption College previously owned the campus and operated it as a branch of its flagship campus before closing the school. Under the guidance of new leadership, the school grew and flourished and eventually increased its student enrollment to several thousand students. Part of its success occurred because the school kept tuition costs down, and even out of state students find the classes affordable. Quinsigamond Community College has a strong reputation as a smaller college in the state, and its engineering and technology programs rank as some of the top programs as well.

Computer Information Systems – Web Development & Programming

Finding accredited web design degree programs in Massachusetts that will better prepare you for the future is sometimes hard. QCC wants to make the process a little easier, which is why it introduced its Computer Information Systems – Web Development & Programming program. This is one of the only career focused programs of its type in the state. While other programs prepare you for finishing a more advanced degree later, QCC wants you to get right out in the field and start working, and most students spend just two years in this program. When you first enroll, the school gives you a taste of what you might face later. You must successfully pass a drug test, and the school may also require that you pass a criminal background check as well. Courses available in this web development degree program include introduction to programming, web page development and integrated communications for business.


  • New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. (NEASC)

670 West Boylston Street
Worcester 01606
Phone: (508) 853-2300
Website: http://www.qcc.edu/academics/engineering-technology/cis-web-development-programming-option

Web designers create sites for individuals, large companies, nonprofit organizations and for hundreds of other clients. While enrolled in one of these programs, you’ll learn how to work with those clients, find out what they need and create sites they love. Learn more when you enroll in one of the accredited web design degree programs in Massachusetts.

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