Web Design Degree Programs in Idaho

Technology has grown increasingly important in the business world, which is why accredited web design degree programs in Idaho are becoming critical for those who plan to enter the technology world. Innovation has been an important part of Idaho industry for generations. One aspect of technology, web design, is another growing industry, as more companies begin creating websites and making their presence known online. Even small, local businesses are learning the importance of an online presence, making those who successfully complete web design degree programs in Idaho extremely valuable in the job market.

College of Western Idaho

Business and Information Technology

The College of Western Idaho was established in 2007 with a grant from the Albertson Foundation for $10 million. At the time, Boise was the last metropolitan area of the country without a community college. The first students attended the college in January 2008, and in May 2010, the first graduating class received degrees. Today, there are more than 19,800 students attending the college, with over 9,000 enrolled in credit classes and more than 10,600 in non-credit classes.

Web Development

The College of Western Idaho understands that web development covers a broad range of possibilities, which is why the program offered covers introductory information to a variety of areas, including web design, web content development, e-commerce development, client-liaison, and network security integration. The program prepares students to become skilled web developers, developing such skills as web design and development essentials, along with database design fundamentals. Students are introduced to multiple programming languages. Program learning outcomes include:

  • use of HTML, CSS and JavaScript programming languages
  • creating presentation-quality animations using photographs, graphics, and icons
  • designing and implementing websites and pages
  • relational database design and data modeling
  • implementation of dynamic websites that focus on e-commerce and scripting language
  • designing and developing skills for workforce entry


  • Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU)


College of Western Idaho
5500 East Opportunity Drive
Nampa, ID 83687
Phone: (208) 562-3000
Email Webform: http://cwidaho.cc/webformcontact-us-e-mail
Website: http://cwidaho.cc/program/web-development

Eastern Idaho Technical College

Business, Office, Technology

Eastern Idaho Technical College was created in 1969 to serve students in a nine county service area. It was designed as an open-door, low-cost college, focusing on technical programs, industry training, basic skills, workforce education, and online distance education. The college is operated under the authority of the Idaho State Board for Professional-Technical Education. The college specializes in low-cost, individualized service and graduates report high placement in their chosen profession.

Web Development

The Web Development Specialist Program at Eastern Idaho Technical College focuses on total web construction while also providing instruction in presentation, negotiation and collaboration skills. Students learn to develop, deploy, market and maintain websites for a wide range of clients, including instruction, e-commerce, and informational sites. Advance levels instruct students on the creation of portals and the components of non-profit or educational websites. The program leads to an Associate of Applied Science degree.


  • Northwest Commission for Colleges and Universities (NWCCU)


Eastern Idaho Technical College
1600 South 25th Street
Idaho Falls, ID 83404
Phone: (208) 524-3000
Email: godfrey@my.eitc.edu
Website: http://www.eitc.edu/academics_business_09.cfm

ITT Technical Institute

Boise Campus

ITT Technical Institute is the leading private college system that focuses on technologically-oriented programs of study. Programs at the Boise campus offer a blend of traditional academic content with applied learning concepts, with a considerable amount of education occurring in the laboratory setting. ITT Technical Institute is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. Students attend classes year-round with breaks scheduled throughout the year, and classes are offered both day and evening to provide flexibility for those who may have work or family obligations.

Software Development Associate of Science Degree

ITT Tech offers an Associate of Science Degree in Software Development that teaches students the fundamentals necessary to pursue positions in entry-level programming, application design, and software development positions. Students who have difficulty distinguishing color may not be able to perform the requirements of this degree program. The program is a 93-credit hour program that includes 27-credit hours in general education classes, 54 credit-hours in core courses, and 12-credit hours in additional general studies. The additional courses include:

  • Problem Solving Theory
  • Strategies for the Technical Professional
  • Advanced Strategies for the Technical Profession

Software Development Bachelor of Science

ITT Tech offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Software Development designed to expose students to a variety of entry-level software positions. Students are given instruction in design, software administration and software development, as well as programming, web design and development, along with mobile application design and development. Students are given the opportunity to learn different software environments using platforms that support those technologies. Normally, these platforms are comprised of networked computers, but students may be required to have specific equipment based on the course they are taken. It is suggested that students review the Student Equipment section in the Online Course Information center to determine what equipment they may need.


  • Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS)


Boise Area Campus
ITT Technical Institute
12302 West Explorer Drive
Boise, ID 83713-1529
Telephone: (888) 442-6840

Lewis-Clark State College

Business Technology & Service

In 1893, Lewis-Clark State College began as a normal school, but the Idaho legislators failed to provide funding to create a permanent location for the college. In order to get the college running, the City of Lewiston donated ten acres on a sandy hill overlooking the business district, and the hill soon earned the name “Normal Hill.” There were no city services, no lights, electricity or water. The city received permission to use federal land-grant proceeds to hire an architectural firm in 1894, yet the land-grants sold much more slowly than anticipated. In 1895, the legislature issued bonds to complete the project, and, until a permanent building could be completed, classes were held in temporary quarters on the second floor of a building in the business district. The first campus building opened in 1896 and is still standing today, despite a 1917 fire and a 1993 renovation. In 1947, the name of the college was changed to the Northern Idaho College of Education.

After the outbreak of the Korean War, the college closed temporarily in 1951. It was reopened in 1955 under the name the Lewis-Clark Normal School, operating as a branch of the University of Idaho and with a focus on educating teachers. The school gained independence in 1963, becoming Lewis-Clark State College in 1965.

Web Development – BAS

The Web Development program at Lewis-Clark prepares students for careers in web development and management. Courses provide students with knowledge related to popular web authoring and information system tools as well as studies in professional website management. Current internet technologies, web-programming techniques, and electronic business practices are stressed in all areas of study. Students develop skills such as:

  • Understanding the roles of web design and web development
  • Knowledge in administering websites and domains
  • Understanding of the differences in internet browsers
  • A working knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Knowledge of JavaScript and popular js libraries
  • Understanding the role and choices in content management systems
  • Working knowledge of web-based graphic design, photo editing and design layout
  • Knowledge of contemporary technologies and emerging patterns
  • Understanding of social networks, advertising and search engine optimization


  • Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools


Lewis-Clark State College
500 8th Avenue
Lewiston, ID 83501
Telephone: (800) 933-5272
Email: admissions@lcsc.edu
Website: http://webdev.lcsc.edu/catalog/programplans.aspx

As technology becomes increasingly more important, accredited web design degree programs in Idaho will also become critical for those who seek employment in the technology profession. For more information about the benefit of web design degrees please read “Do I Need a Degree in Order to Start My Own Web Design Business?