Web Design Degree Programs in Hawai’i

When it comes to accredited web design degree programs in Hawai’i, students will find that many of the Aloha State’s technical schools and four-year universities offer a number of programs that satisfy academic need and professional development requirements. Hawai’i in particular offers web designers one of the best average salaries in the country: The state capital of Honolulu boasts a median annual salary of $68,724 that tops the national average reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Students who plan to become web designers and developers should read on to find out more about Hawai’i’s educational offerings.

Argosy University, Hawai’i

College of Arts and Sciences

Argosy University was formed in 2001 from the merging of three separate institutions that had been educating students since the 1960s and 1970s: the American Schools of Professional Psychology, the University of Sarasota and the Medical Institute of Minnesota. Today, Argosy comprises 28 campuses around the United States including an online portion for certain degree programs, and students can enroll in a wide range of programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and even doctorate levels. Students searching for accredited web design degree programs in Hawai’i will find Argosy’s College of Arts and Sciences an important resource when it comes to academic instruction and a flexible curriculum.

Associate of Science in Information Technology

Students interested in entry-level positions within the technology sector will find ample instruction under Argosy University’s Associate of Science in Information Technology. The program is designed for those who want to work directly with computers in a number of areas, and students can further specialize the degree by concentrating in one of the following: computer and network security, computer networks, project management, and web development. Program objectives include an understanding of ethics and their role in technology, the development of essential problem-solving skills, understanding relevant and effective communication techniques and the development of crucial technology functions and skills as they relate to the industry. The associate’s program requires 60 hours designated into 30 credit hours of general education, 15 credit hours of IT courses, nine credit hours of concentration classes and six credit hours of relevant IT electives. To graduate, students need to complete at least 15 credit hours at the school and maintain a 2.0 GPA.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Similar to the Associate of Science in Information Technology program, the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program enables students to pursue careers related to the field of computers and information technology. Both programs share the same educational objectives, but the bachelor’s program is designed to better prepare students for leadership roles in the industry by offering a more well-rounded education on general education and technology courses. For this program, students need to complete 120 hours in order to graduate, and the hours are designated as follows: 45 credits of general education, 48 credits of IT core courses, 15 credits of concentration coursework and 12 credits of IT electives. Core information technology courses cover relevant subjects such as the fundamentals of security, mobile computing, and ethics and IT governance. In order to graduate, students need to complete at least 30 credit hours at the university and maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA.


  • Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges


1001 Bishop Street #400
Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone: (888) 323-2777
Email: Chat available on website
Website: http://www.argosy.edu/programs/information-technology-degrees-28711.aspx

Hawai’i Pacific University

Department of Communication

In addition to Hawai’i Pacific University’s distinction as number 71 on U.S. News and World Report’s list of the best regional universities in the west, the school also boasts one of the most diverse campuses in the United States with an international enrollment rate of more than 10 percent during the 2012-2013 academic year. Hawai’i Pacific was established in 1965 and continues to promote a variety of degree programs designed to challenge and encourage future leaders in a wide range of occupations, and students interested in media will find the school’s Department of Communication a great place to start when it comes to multimedia opportunities.

BA in Integrated Multimedia

Hawai’i Pacific’s Department of Communication offers several programs for students who want to learn more about the high-tech side of media communication, and the BA in Integrated Multimedia program provides a solid base by which students can build a relevant career. The bachelor’s program in Integrated Media requires a total of 124 credit hours to be made up of general education requirements, core major coursework, and electives. Core curriculum covers topics such as web interface and design, script-writing, documentary production, and other classes relevant to the field of multimedia. Students will take a variety of classes that demonstrate everything from basic web design to advanced media production in an effort to provide an overview of the complexity of this particular field. Program objectives include developing technical proficiency in relevant hardware, software and equipment; enhancing communication skills as they relate to media; and understanding the history and current relevance of multimedia techniques and technology.


  • Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges


1164 Bishop Street
Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone: (808) 544-0200
Email: pbritos@hpu.edu
Website: http://www.hpu.edu/CHSS/Communication/Multimedia/ba_integrated_multimedia.html

Leeward Community College

Digital Media Programs

Founded in 1968 as a small community college offering only eight technical programs, Leeward Community College has grown into a thriving two-year technical school that offers 63 associate’s degrees and certificates to nearly 8,000 students annually. For students looking into accredited web design degree programs in Hawai’i, Leeward Community College offers a degree program in digital media arts along with several certificate programs for professional development. The school’s Digital Media Programs division encourages students to develop technical proficiency using the latest technology associated with digital media design combined with practical application of theoretical concepts, and students who pursue a program here will gain valuable hands-on experience.

Digital Media (DMED) Associate in Science Degree

Leeward Community College’s Digital Media offerings prepare students for a wide variety of positions related to digital production and design, and core courses cover a broad range of topics including digital photography, film analysis, and computing literacy and applications. Students who pursue the DMED Associate in Science Degree program will choose a specialization in one of the four following fields: character animation, digital photography, internet publishing, or motion graphics. Regardless of the specialty chosen, students must complete 60 hours in order to fulfill the graduation requirements for an associate’s degree, and each specialization also includes a number of general education and elective courses designed to enhance the degree experience. Students must also earn a grade of C or better in all applicable classes in order to earn the degree. At the end of the program, students will have learned the technology and skills necessary for a career in the digital media industry.

Certificate of Competence Graphic Design

For students interested in graphic design who don’t need or want to pursue a degree program, Leeward Community College offers a Certificate of Competence Graphic Design that helps students understand the basics of graphic design without the program requirements of a traditional degree. The graphic design certificate encompasses a total of nine credits divided into the following three courses: an introduction to digital drawing, an overview of digital art and an introduction to layout design. Graphic designers often establish practices or work for larger companies without a formal degree, and this program will help those with some familiarity in the field stand out when applying for jobs or provide a fresh perspective for those looking for additional training. The program offers a practical, hands-on approach to graphic design in which students will learn relevant tools and software. At the end of the program, students will receive a certificate indicating their training.

Certificate of Competence Web Design

Leeward Community College offers a number of certificate programs in various fields related to digital media for those looking into accredited web design degree programs in Hawai’i. One area in which students may specialize is web design, and the school offers a basic Certificate of Competence Web Design program that provides a sound overview of the concepts and applications of web design. In this program, students complete nine credit hours divided into three credit hours each of web development, website design, and flash animation. Those who enroll in the certificate program will receive practical instruction on the key hardware and software necessary for a career as an entry-level web designer. The program may also be useful to those without formal training who want to improve their skills and add significant weight to their professional resumes. In either case, the program will be useful to students who desire additional web design training.


  • Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)


96-045 Ala Ike Street
Pearl City, HI 96782
Phone: (808) 455-0496
Email: ganne@hawaii.edu
Website: http://www.leeward.hawaii.edu/dmed

Outreach College

Department of Communications/Pacific New Media

Operated under the jurisdiction of the University of Hawai’i at Manoa, Outreach College offers a unique approach to learning that enables traditional and nontraditional students alike to pursue academic programs throughout the year during various seminars and workshops. Students can choose from a variety of credit and non-credit programs including professional development series and certificates that meet the demands of a busy schedule. For students interested in web design and development or those who need to enhance their skills in the working world, Outreach College offers a certificate program that combines the rigorous standards of a traditional degree with flexible scheduling options.

Web Design Certificate Program

In conjunction with the Outreach College’s Department of Communications, educational organization Pacific New Media offers a Web Design Certificate Program at the school that may be taken for credit at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa provided that students speak with an adviser to ensure appropriate enrollment guidelines. The web design program features four sections of relevant design topics as well as a creative project for a total of at least 134 hours. Pacific New Media designs its programs around a seminar system in which attendants enroll throughout the year in various seminars related to their field of interest. Those who need a flexible program will appreciate the year-round approach to workshops. Courses are taught by respected professors from around the state and nationwide, and subjects include everything from technical competencies in design elements to business management topics relevant to working professionals. Students receive a comprehensive web design certificate upon completion of the program.


  • Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges


2425 Campus Road
Honolulu, HI 96822
Phone: (808) 956-8244
Email: pnm@hawaii.edu
Website: https://www.outreach.hawaii.edu/pnm/certificate.asp

Web designers and developers will continue to play a major role in the economy as more businesses and private industries seek to develop their web presence and remain competitive in today’s technology-focused marketplace. The aforementioned colleges and universities offer a variety of technical programs and degrees that help students interested in accredited web design degree programs in Hawai’i explore their talents and gain valuable hands-on experience.

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