Web Design Degree Programs in Florida (S-Z)

If your goal is to become a graphic designer during a time where the demand for graphic designers throughout the state is high, now is the time to compare reputable degree programs in web design that produce graphic designers with high-quality skills. Choosing an accredited program with a good reputation in the field is extremely important when you want to compete for highly competitive positions following graduation.


International Academy of Design & Technology, School of Design

Sanford-Brown is a higher education institution offering short-term and career-focused programs and a supportive academic community. While several different areas of study are offered through Sanford-Brown, students who want to major in Web Design and Development are luckier than the rest because Sanford-Brown and International Academy of Design and Technology have joined together to combine their strengths in developing high-quality Web Design curriculum. This bigger and better college provides students with a supportive and dynamic environment where they will learn the knowledge and develop the skills needed to succeed in the technology employment sector. With convenient online options, students can work towards success while they work to support themselves.

Graphic Design Associate of Science

If you are looking to land an entry-level position within the field of graphic design in the quickest manner possible, the Associate of Science majoring in Graphic Design may be the right program for you. This AS program, offered through both SBC and IADT School of Design, will teach you the basics in the roles of form, function, and creativity when you are creating graphic visual communications with a focus on science courses. The degree program will build a foundation of knowledge for students who want to learn about visual design and basic design elements. Some of the materials you will learn to create on your own when you graduate from the Associate of Science program include: planning, development, production, and presentation of print materials.

Graphic Design Bachelor of Fine Arts

If you currently possess an Associate of Arts degree, or you would like to enter the field as a mid-level professional, it is in your interest to earn a Graphic Design Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. The BFA degree majoring in Graphic Design follows a focus on fine arts rather than science, and is designed to help students develop their basic drawing and design skills as they learn about new technology and digital tools they will use in graphic design. The BFA is a hands-on training program where teams will collaborate with one another to complete design projects that require students to demonstrate their knowledge of the basic design fundamentals. Some of the courses you will complete include: Digital Imaging, Advanced Typography, Web Design, Interactive Media, Branding, Corporate Identity, and Design Process.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Media Production

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Media Production is a program designed to allow students to showcase their talents in the diverse arenas of audio, video, and web design. If you are interested in working in communications or entertainment fields as a screenwriter, video editor, video production associate, or motion graphics designer, this BFA degree could be the best option for you. When you complete this program, you will develop basic design skills and business skills which prepare you for team collaboration. This will help you develop your professional portfolio, an important tool for finding a job after graduation. Some of the courses you will complete when completing the required curriculum include: Digital Imaging, Illustration, Web Design, Interactive Media, Interface Design, Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Media Production, and Screenwriting.

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Associate of Science in Web Design and Development (AS)

If you have a passion for design and you would like to develop skills so you can exercise that passion in a world where digital design careers are high in demand, the Associate of Science in Web Design and Development could be great entry-level degree to pursue. The associate-level program with a focus on science coursework will teach students how to design and create fully functional and aesthetically pleasing websites. You will learn about the popular tools and techniques in design as well as theories in graphic design and the importance of creating an interactive platform in today’s world. Some of the courses you will take when you enter this program include: Open Source Systems, Programming Concepts, Interface Design, Programming for the Internet, Content Management Systems, and Website Advertising.

Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Development (BS)

The Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Development will help you go beyond the basics to develop a strong foundation of knowledge in web design and development. The program will go beyond the basic curriculum offered in the AS program, and will require students to become critical thinkers who can solve industry-related problems and become highly talented communicators as well. Some of the courses will take include: Multimedia Design, Programming, Web Administration, Web Application Security, Dynamic Web Design, Markup Languages, and Advanced Scripting Techniques.


  • Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS)


7702 Woodland Center Blvd
Suite 100
Tampa, FL 33614
Phone: (855) 255-0111
Website: http://www.sanfordbrown.edu/Online

The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale

School of Design

The School of Design with the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale offers a wide variety of programs in Design, Media, Fashion, and Culinary areas of study. This accredited school will prepare students to use their visual creativity to their advantage, preparing them to make a career in a field that drives the economy. If you would like to work in design or media arts, review the program choices implementing advanced technology allowing students to grasp topics and build their knowledge.

Web Design & Interactive Media Associate of Science

If you would like to land an entry-level career and employ creative solutions across many different web-related platforms, the Web Design & Interactive Media AS degree could be the right program for you. With this degree, you will learn the skills in design, animation, and programming you need to know to become a interactive designer, special effects artist, digital designer, production assistant, or web programmer. The curriculum focuses on giving students a foundation of knowledge in scripting, programming, and content development. The focus of this program will be around interface design.

Web Design & Interactive Media Bachelor of Science

While an Associate of Science in Web Design & Interactive Media will help you build a foundation of knowledge in interface design, a Bachelor’s degree goes deeper into the field so you can land more competitive or higher-level positions. The BS program is designed to prepare students to use their design skills to develop interactive programs on various platforms and PC screens. You will learn how to create interactive content, which is important in today’s modern app-driven world. If you would like to take a program that has been helping students succeed in media design since 1999, this could be the one.

Web Design & Development Diploma

The Web Design & Development Diploma is a fast-track, entry-level program designed to help people prepare for the professional world of design. The program is the first step to learning how to create functional and attractive websites. Curriculum focuses on making usable and attractive websites using popular computer languages. By completing this Web Design & Development Diploma, you can learn everything you need to know and build your portfolio with class projects. Once you earn your diploma, you will be ready to develop the abilities to work in a team oriented environment to be a project manager who is an expert in visual communications.

Web Design & Interactive Communications Diploma

The Web Design & Interactive Communications Diploma program will prepare you by teaching computer languages and information architecture. By taking this diploma program, students will become familiar with basic skills needed to become a talented web designer or a web developer creating functional, highly-interactive websites. The objectives of the program are to help students learn how to: create problem-solving applications, use various visual elements, use new scripting techniques, and evaluate design solutions. Upon graduation, students should also be prepared to design and develop media and business plans.


  • The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS)


1799 S.E. 17th Street
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316-3013
Phone: (800) 275-7603
Email: aifladm@aii.edu
Website: http://www.artinstitutes.edu/fort-lauderdale/design-502.aspx

University of Florida

School of Art, Graphic Design

The School of Art through the University of Florida offers a wide variety of programs in a vibrant community of learners and prospective professional designers. If you want to attend a school where there is a strong community spirit and access to all of the best technology, this is the school for you. Since the early 1990’s, the School of Art has offered undergraduate and graduate web design programs preparing professional graphic designers to pursue design-related titles in the growing field. The faculty within the School of Art believe in creating a collaborative environment where students learn about more than just design, they learn about being part of a collaborative team.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design program is an undergraduate-level program which offers curriculum in concept development, professional development, and working with clients. You will work in a studio on-campus and the program is four years in length, with five courses per semester. Some of the required courses include: Digital Visual Dynamics, Perceptual Drawing, Social and Behavioral Science, Technologies and Processes, Typography, Digital Imaging, and more. Electives will have a Fine Arts focus.

Bachelor of Science in Digital Arts and Sciences

The BS Digital Arts and Sciences program, which is often referred to simply as the DAS program, is an undergraduate program and interdisciplinary engineering option for students who want to major in both computer science and human-centered computing. When you take this unique interdisciplinary program, you will learn basic art techniques, models used in three-dimensional virtual worlds, and design techniques in a world of computers where the focus is more human than digital. Some of the required coursework to earn a DAS degree includes: Programming Fundamentals, Interactive Modeling, Animation, Computer-Aided Modeling, Data Structures, and Software Engineering. Other electives will be focused in science and math including: Linear Algebra, Calculus, Social Sciences, Numerical Analysis, and Analytic Geometry.


  • The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACSCOC)


PO Box 115801
Gainesville, FL 32611
Phone: (352) 273-3056
Email: dmyers@arts.ufl.edu
Website: http://www.arts.ufl.edu/programs/graphicdesign.aspx

Your future career in web design, development, production, or graphic design depends upon the reputation of the degree program you pursue. Be sure to take an accredited program with a good reputation among employers and professional associations, and you can strengthen your chances of landing a position quickly. Compare each of these quality accredited web design degree programs in Florida, and make an educated decision about your education.