Web Design Degree Programs in Florida (A-R)

If studying in the sunshine near some of the largest and most popular theme parks in the world sounds appealing, then you may want to consider one of several accredited web design degree programs in Florida. Web design graduates create, design, and modify websites and website content for organizations of all types and sizes. Depending on where you want to go with your degree program, Florida offers educational tracks at all levels, from associate degrees in website and graphic design, to Master of Fine Arts in Visual Art programs with an emphasis on graphic design.

Digital Media Arts College

Graphic Design and Web Design Programs

Digital Media Arts College focuses on maintaining a small campus feel for both its graphic design and web design programs. This feature includes a small student to teacher ratio, resulting in more individualized attention in classes spread out over 33,000 square feet of studio classroom space. Graphic and web design majors focus on blending the traditional and classical skills and techniques of composition with state of the art software and facilities. This mixture helps students develop the skills necessary for success in the modern web design and computer information marketplace. DMAC’s programs look beyond just creating designs and learning how to use software, though both skills play an essential role in the learning process. Instead, each program looks deeper into visual problem solving, discovering potential needs of a client or employer and learning how to meet those needs.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

The DMAC Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Graphic Design teaches students graphic design tools and concepts. These concepts are used to facilitate the process of taking creative thoughts and interpreting them into finished computer design works. Classes in this program teach skills in creative direction, illustration, motion graphics, package design, art direction, magazine layouts, and using graphic design in conjunction with web design tools. Students will learn how to use standard graphic design software programs, and then utilize these tools to create a portfolio for use after graduation when applying for positions in the field. For continuing education students who are only interested in learning the basics of design, DMAC offers a certificate in design. This program introduces students to the fundamental computer programs used during the design process, especially Photoshop, in relation to raster imaging, vector imaging, and desktop publishing.

Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Graphic Design: Design Concentration

For those looking for an accredited web design degree programs in Florida with a specific emphasis in advertising, Digital Media Arts College offers a graphic design degree with a concentration in advertising design. This program provides the necessary skills for careers in marketing and advertising. The degree builds on the core information learned through a general graphic design track, and adds skills such as using digital imaging software, designing ad campaigns, copywriting, branding, strategic planning, running multimedia marketing campaigns, and art direction management. Students also benefit from teachers who have working knowledge of the advertising industry, providing advice, and mentorship for successful transition into the workplace.

Bachelor of Science in Web Design & Development

The Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Development combines both art and science together to create the perfect degree program for artists who also love the fundamentals of computer science. This degree track combines skills from the front end artistic design process with the back end web programming process. The curriculum focuses on subjects such as interactive media, interactive interface design, programming, motion graphics, graphic design, typography, and digital photography. Students will learn skills in JavaScript, jQuery, Flash, InDesign, Adobe Edge, SQL, Ajax, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and much more throughout the four-year degree program.


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5400 Broken Sound Blvd NW
Boca Raton, FL 33487
Phone:(561) 391-1148
Contact: https://www.dmac.edu/ContactUs.aspx
Website: https://www.dmac.edu/Programs.aspx

Florida Atlantic University

Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters

Florida Atlantic University offers both undergraduate and graduate level programs designed to help those interested in graphic arts and media. Their faculty is comprised of a mixture of researchers, artists, and award-winning scholars, which combine traditional education techniques with state-of-the-art equipment and instruction. With a teaching staff that remains active in their field of study and practice, students have the opportunity to receive hands-on training and mentorship from professionals who not only teach each subject, but live them.

Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies at FAU prepares students for a wide range of careers in media. The program combines courses in subjects such as film studies, computer animation, interactive media, journalism, television studies, and video production in order to better understand the creation of print and visual media. Classes look at both traditional and alternative materials which prepares students to work in the evolving field of merged media. A primary focus of the program is helping students develop visual and analytical skills in order to write and produce for various media platforms.

Master of Fine Arts in Visual Art: Graphic Design

The FAU Master’s of Fine Arts in Visual Art with an emphasis in graphic design provides graduate level continuing education to students who have a firm understanding of graphic design principles, but wish to further their skills and worth to potential employers. The MFA degree may also help students who want to teach at the collegiate level qualify for positions with universities and community colleges. Education at this level goes beyond just creating art, and instead dives deeper into research methodologies, communication theory, and problem solving in design. Students experience a mixture of both traditional graduate-level classes and directed independent study projects to further discover their unique voice in design.


  • National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD)

777 Glades Rd
Boca Raton, FL 33431
Phone:(561) 297-3000
Email: admissions@fau.edu

Florida Technical College

Information Technology Department

Florida Technical College’s degree programs are focused on individual student attention and focused learning. Each student in the college, including those pursuing web design and graphic design work, receives and iPad in order to utilize eBooks instead of traditional paper textbooks. This focus on new and mobile technology continues into each degree program. One of the most unique features of FTC is that students only take one course each month. This allows students to work directly on one subject with one faculty member at a time, facilitating better focus and learning.

Associate’s of Web Site & Graphic Design

The Web Site and Graphic Design Associate degree program is designed to expose students to the skills and tools necessary for both web and graphic design. The course structure allows for students to learn web design, web development, electronic publishing, animation, publishing, 3D graphics, digital imaging, applied design, and programming. Like other accredited web design degree programs in Florida, students are exposed to a variety of website and graphic design software programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, In Design, and Illustrator. Students who graduate this program may find jobs in a diverse number of fields, including production management, programming, graphic design, web development, and as a general artist.

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12900 Challenger Pkwy
Orlando, FL 32826
Phone:(407) 447-7300
Website: http://www.ftccollege.edu/it/web-and-graphics-design.html

Ringling College of Art and Design

Graphic Design Department

Ringling College of Art and Design is unique in that the entire college is devoted to training and educating artists. The college’s focus is to help students understand both the past and present in regard to culture and art, and develops their curriculum around historical, global and future principles. Students benefit from faculty members who are practicing artists and designers, as well as a student population that is purposely diverse, but full of other artists whose primary goal is to be an artist. In the graphic design department, the school is devoted to supporting students through state of the art computer hardware and software to more easily facilitate artistic ideas into physical designs.

Graphic Design Bachelor of the Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in Graphic design at Ringling College of Art and Design is designed for artists of all kinds, ranging from painters to animators. Students focus not only on the principles of design, but also communication theory. Sample course subjects include drawing, 3D design and 3D problem solving, interactive media, typography, and visual persuasion. The broad focus of the program allows students after graduation to produce a wide variety of products for electronic media, such as websites, three dimensional designs, and print graphic work. The program utilizes primarily Apple computer labs along with video editing stations, various printers including large format, inkjet and laser printers, and professional level design and editing software. Design students who show excellent work may be placed in professional design internships, as well as may take part in designing graphic work for the school.


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  • National Association of Schools of Art and Design

2700 N Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, FL 34234
Phone:(941) 351-5100
Email: info@ringling.edu
Website: https://www.ringling.edu/learn/majors/graphic-design/

Web design offers the ability to use your creativity in a job you’ll enjoy waking up for each day. Whether this is your first degree, or you’re simply looking at a career change, accredited web design degree programs in Florida can help you reach your goals and develop the skills necessary to secure your future in graphics and web design.