Web Design Degree Programs in Delaware

Located on the Atlantic coast, Delaware provides not only a wealth of historic landmarks, but also a wealth of educational opportunities for those looking for accredited web design degree programs in Delaware. Web designers develop visual concepts, layouts, and interactive content using both traditional art skills and computer software programs, combining the artistic draw of a career as an artist with the fast growing use of the Internet and computers. Delaware offers three main programs to help develop a firm foundation in the web design field.

Delaware College of Art and Design

Graphic Design Program

The graphic design department of the Delaware College of Art and Design is a partnership between Pratt Institute and the Corcoran College of Art and Design created to prepare students to pursue deeper study at a four-year institution. Led by a faculty of professional designers, the graphic design program’s goal is to give a foundation to students in the theories, principles, and history of graphic design to help prepare potential designers for a career in the web design field.

Associate of Fine Arts: Graphic Design

The primary goal of DCAD’s graphic design program is to provide an intensive design education curriculum and the tools to build off the experience. The program strives to teach the traditional skills of design and combine them with the new advances in technology and current design trends to produce effective designers for today’s job marketplace. As one of only a few accredited web design degree programs in Delaware, DCAD’s program strives to teach specific skills that provide the general core necessary to transfer to, and be successful at a four-year undergraduate programs. This goal includes a professional portfolio of work culminated throughout the course of the program. Classes range from developing craftsmanship using both traditional hand skills and the computer, to the basics of typography and typographic relationships.

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  • Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE)
  • National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD)

600 N. Market Street
Wilmington, Delaware 19801
Phone: (302)622-8000
Fax: (302)622-8870
Email: info@dcad.edu
Website: http://www.dcad.edu/site/degree_programs/graphic_design/overview

Delaware Technical Community College

Career Training Certificate Programs

The career training certificate programs at Delaware Technical Community College are designed to provide student with the foundational skills necessary to either enter a new job field, or to progress and move up in their current career track. The Microsoft Office Applications Certificate is designed to develop basic through advanced skills in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access. Once these required Microsoft courses are completed, students choose one of three specialty tracks, the expert track, project management support track, or web design track.

Microsoft Office Applications Certificate: Web Design Track

Students who choose the DTCC web design track will gain foundational knowledge of the tools and skills necessary for designing web pages based on today’s trends and applications. Example course subjects include basic and advanced learning in the bitmap and vector graphics editor Adobe Fireworks, introductory and advanced classes for the webpage design and creative tool Adobe Dreamweaver, basics Javascript, and HTML design and integration skills and the use of Flash in web design and interactive web page components. Students will have the chance to develop these skills and build a portfolio for future education advancement or entry level positions in the graphic design field.


  • Middle States Commission on Higher Education

100 Campus Drive
Dover, Delaware 19904-1383
Phone: (302) 857-1000
Email: terry-info@dtcc.edu
Website: https://www.dtcc.edu/continuing-education/career-training/stanton/certificate-programs/microsoft-office-applications-ce-0

Delaware County Community College

Information Technology Program

The Information technology program at Delaware County Community College blends practical skills with theoretical learning. Not only do students benefit from classroom learning, but DCCC is equipped with specialized state of the art labs to further hands-on learning in information technology. Like other accredited web design degree programs in Delaware, students have the opportunity to learn through co-curricular programs in the design field. As an associate degree granting program, students are required to take a mixture of general education core courses, information technology core courses along with required courses in their specific emphasis area.

Information Technology, Web Development, AAS

Web development at DCCC falls under the Associate in Applied Sciences in Information Technology degree. The web development program is designed to train students for entry level jobs in webpage design and development. Students study core subjects in information technology along with specialty area courses in topics like HTML and XHTML, JavaScript, CSS, and PERL/CG. Students also learn the basics of web design such as navigation design, page layout, and interface design using software tools like Dreamweaver, Director, Flash, Photoshop, Mediastudio Pro and Sound Forge. Topics range from traditional design methods and tools to today’s trends and the future of design, including responsive design, animation, sound and video. Students will also gain competencies in data gathering, document organization, cascading style sheets, forms, tables, and the necessary skills for maintaining a website once it’s been designed.


  • Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Higher Education

901 Media Line Rd
Media, PA 19063
Phone: (610) 359-5000
Email: wecare@dccc.edu
Website: https://www.dccc.edu/programs-study/career-degree/information-technology-web-development-aas

Whether looking for a web design program that will give you the skills to pursue other higher education degrees, or just to provide the foundation necessary to launch your design career, Delaware has you covered. Regardless of the program you choose, you will surely gain the knowledge and skills necessary to compete in the fast growing market of web design work with one of these accredited web design degree programs in Delaware.