Web Design Degree Programs in California (S-Z)

As a home to many large corporations that excel in computer science and web technology, California hosts a wide range of universities and technical schools that provide future students the chance to experience unparalleled access to contemporary innovation. The schools listed below each bring something unique to the field of web design, and students interested in long-term careers will enjoy the ability to hone their skills at one of the following accredited web design degree programs in California.

San Jose City College

Art and Digital Media Arts/Computer Information Systems

Located in the technological center of California known as Silicon Valley, San Jose City College is a community college dedicated to training professionals for a diverse range of fields and careers. The college offers several important degree programs in the technological and web development industries, and students can look forward to excellent career connections within their chosen department. As outlined below, San Jose City College offers two distinct tracks for students looking at accredited web design degree programs in California. One degree is offered by the Division of Art and Digital Media Arts while the other is offered by the Division of Computer Information Systems.

Associate of Arts in Media Arts

Students who wish to pursue a web design degree have options at San Jose City College, the first of which is an Associate of Arts in Media Arts degree from the Division of Art and Digital Media Arts. Combining a strong background in media courses with classes on several modern art forms, the associate degree engages students at the creative and practical level. The program seeks to prepare students for a career in graphic media with key educational objectives such as understanding the vocabulary of digital media design, developing technical competency, establishing a creative process to solve problems and actively participating in classroom projects. The program requires 60 credit units on core courses in journalism, graphic design, and photojournalism, and students will need to earn a grade of C or better to qualify for a degree. In addition, students must complete certain general education requirements to fulfil the 60 hour minimum.

Associate of Science-Web Developer

For those interested in accredited web design degree programs in California, the Division of Computer Information Systems at San Jose City College offers an Associate of Science degree with a concentration in Web Development. The program requires a total of 61 credit hours to be divided into 36 major-specific credits, 24 general education courses, and one hour of physical activity. The division offers a wide range of computer programming and related courses on subjects such as JAVA programming, JavaScript for the web, and advanced XML. The CIS Division hopes that students will gain several skills during the course of the program including the ability to recognize, diagnose, and repair different components of a computer system; develop proficiency in word processing software, spreadsheets, Internet use, and presentation graphics; and effectively interact with a diverse range of people in a real-world setting. In lieu of earning an A.S. degree, students may also pursue two different certificates in web development.


  • Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC), Western Association of Schools and Colleges

2100 Moorpark Ave.
San Jose, CA 95128
Phone: (408) 288-3131
Email: sjcc.admissions@sjcc.edu

Santa Clara University

Department of Computer Engineering

Recognized by Forbes magazine as one of America’s Top Undergraduate Colleges for 2013, Santa Clara University stands out as a top-notch choice for students seeking accredited web design degree programs in California. The school also boasts a number two ranking on the U.S. News and World Report of Best Regional Universities in the West category, and its Department of Computer Engineering upholds this prestigious ranking by offering a strong interdisciplinary program for web design students. The school offers a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering degree with the option to major in one of four concentrations including Web Design and Engineering.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering-Web Design and Engineering

Students searching for accredited web design degree programs in California will appreciate the comprehensive degree program offered by Santa Clara University as well as the Computer Engineering Department’s commitment to training competent computer technology professionals. As a concentration of the B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering, the Web Design and Engineering major is designed for students who want to work within a design framework of computational science. Educational objectives include the ability to create multimedia content, improve Internet infrastructure and engage with people on all levels concerning the specifics of their field. The program features a wide range of courses on topics like computer networks, programming, and software engineering; students are expected to complete 175 total hours for fulfillment of the degree. The department stresses a strong mathematical component to all of its degrees and concentrations because it wants students to understand the intricacies of both software and hardware development.


  • Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET)
  • Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)

Bannan Engineering
500 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95053
Phone: (408) 554-6805
Email: swibeto@scu.edu
Website: http://www.scu.edu/engineering/cse/ugrad/degrees.cfm#CP_JUMP_2848158

Sierra College

Liberal Arts Division/Business and Technology Division

For students looking into accredited web design degree programs in California, Sierra College offers several outlets when it comes to computer programming and design. Accredited by the ACCJC and committed to providing a wide range of degree certificates and programs, this community college encourages students hoping to begin their career in higher education by earning entry-level certificates and associate degrees in their chosen field. The Liberal Arts Division offers several art-based degrees and certificates while the Business and Technology Division works diligently to prepare students for careers in technology; both departments serve as a jumping off point for future careers.

Applied Art and Design

The focus of the Applied Art and Design program offered by Sierra College is to help students explore their creative interests while assisting them in establishing careers in industries like web design, packaging design, newspaper layout, and book illustration. Students can concentrate in several fields including illustration and graphic design, and the program offers different certificates and degrees depending on concentration. For example, the Multimedia Concentration is offered as an Associate in Arts, Associate in Science or certificate program depending on student interest and need. Courses in the applied arts category range from animation and digital photography to painting and video editing. The department focuses on providing useful academic instruction while giving students the connections and networking skills they need to enjoy an illustrious career in applied arts. Many students use the Applied Art and Design platform as a starting point to pursuing a four-year degree at a traditional university.

Computer Science: Web Programming Concentration Certificate

Developed by the Business and Technology Division and Computer Science Department of Sierra College, the Computer Science: Web Development Concentration is a certificate-only program that enables students to design and build their own websites. Due to the growing demand for technology skills and web design, the department has created several programs designed to serve as the basis for a long-term career in web development and design. Students will take courses on topics like programming and design in order to gain knowledge in the field that they can transfer to four-year universities or specialty programs. The department recognizes the need for web developers in today’s high-tech world and encourages students to explore the basics of web development and management in this overview of design. Students will learn the essential elements of design technology while gaining access to information on future careers and advancement opportunities through the community college’s gainful employment section.


  • Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC), Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)

5000 Rocklin Rd.
Rocklin, CA 95677
Phone: (916)660-8000 for Applied Art, (916) 660-7800 for Computer Science

Whether students are seeking associate training to enhance their careers or looking for first-time college opportunities, the schools mentioned above offer a variety of courses and programs to meet specific needs. California stands at the forefront when it comes to technology and computer science, and students will find ample room to expand their skills in any of the listed programs. Those who diligently seek accredited web design degree programs in California will discover a rich source of endless opportunity.

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