Web Design Degree Programs in Arizona (A-M)

Accredited web design degree programs in Arizona are growing in popularity as internet usage continues to grow. The exponential growth of the internet has led to a significant rise in high-tech industries, and many of these industries have chosen Arizona as their headquarter location. In addition to the moderate climates and scenic beauty, Arizona has created many incentives to encourage businesses to build or relocate to the state. Garmin, the GPS device maker has recently expanded operations in Chandler, Arizona, adding 141 new software jobs over the next three years. GoDaddy is also expanding, planning an additional facility in Tempe, with headquarters in Scottsdale. However, it is not only high-tech companies that need employees with accredited web design degrees in Arizona. Manufacturing companies, wind projects, and other industries are also basing their operations in Arizona, and each of them will, at some point, have the need to build, change, or update a website, growing the employment prospects for those who have obtained web design degrees.

Art Institute of Tucson

The Art Institute of Tucson is located in what has been called one of the most beautiful areas of the United States. Not only is the Tucson area surrounded by mountains, valleys and wide open spaces, it is also a growing metropolitan area, full of the history of the Old West. The diverse mix of people, the beautiful surroundings and the quality education they receive are what draws students to the Art Institute of Tucson.

Students can earn degrees in subjects geared toward their artistic flair, whether the talent is in culinary arts or graphic design. Class sizes are small, and faculty members bring real-world experience into the classroom, offering insight into today’s challenges facing the student’s chosen profession. The Art Institute of Tucson offers career-focused education so that students are well-prepared for their chosen career.

School of Media Arts

Web Design and Development Diploma

The Web Design and Development Diploma offered at the Art Institute of Tucson helps students obtain positions in the website design and development profession. Students who complete the program are qualified for entry-level positions in the industry. Students learn to develop designs, focus on optimum information delivery through websites, and understand the mechanics of mobile device applications. The objectives of the program are to develop skills necessary to create efficient and effective websites using a variety of designs and learn teamwork skills to demonstrate professionalism. After graduation, students will understand website design, computer languages, and multimedia skills. Each student completes a professional portfolio that demonstrates their skills to potential employers.

Web Design and Interactive Communications Diploma

The Web Design and Interactive Communication Diploma at the Art Institute of Tucson extends knowledge to include visual communication and interactive media, as well as developing skills in the creation of websites. Students learn computer languages, usability principles, and information architecture. Courses are taught in a team atmosphere to build the teamwork skills of students. Students learn current web technologies on assignments that are included in a professional portfolio. The programs objectives include ability to demonstrate knowledge in the use of visual elements and visual communication using interactive media, solve specific problems using a variety of scripting techniques, understand and evaluate design solutions appropriate for the problem, and create marketing and business plans for interactive media. Graduates of the program are qualified for positions as web designer and developers, and the portfolio created will demonstrate skills to potential employers.

School of Design

Bachelor of Arts in Graphic and Web Design

For students who wish to take their education in Graphic and Web Design to the next level, the Art Institute of Tucson offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic and Web Design. The program provides students with thorough knowledge of technology skills and software education so that they are able to express a client’s message through visual communication. The emphasis of the program is the conception, creation, and execution of campaigns in both print and web-based media.

Courses cover topics such as typography, image manipulation, web development, and layout. Students can also choose specialized topics, including package design, environmental graphics, animation design, database programming, application development, and more. The objectives of the program include proper understanding of versatile, aesthetic solutions related to layout and design; an understanding of historical and contemporary trends used to resolve design problems; use of various mediums to express a clear message; and communication of mastery knowledge in problem solving, ethics, and graphic design. Students create a professional portfolio that can be used to demonstrate their skills and knowledge to potential employers. Graduates of the program are prepared for positions as Graphic Designer, Web Designer or Web Developer.


  • Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools


The Art Institute of Tucson
5089 East Grant Road
Suite 100
Tucson, AZ 85712
Phone: 520-318-2700

Art Institute of Phoenix

The Art Institute of Phoenix opened its doors in 1995, and has grown from an original class with 45 students to serving thousands of students each year. Students attend the Phoenix campus from around the globe, attracted to the warm climate and beautiful scenery that surrounds the school. Programs are offered on a year-round basis, allowing students to work continuously toward a degree. Many of the faculty members are working professionals who understand that some students are juggling work, school, and family obligations.

The Phoenix campus is one of more than 40 educational institutions operated by the Art Institute, which is one of the largest providers of private higher education services. The Art Institute focuses only on design, media and culinary arts, basing curriculum on creating careers for students with particular talents. With a faculty with similar talents, students are able to express their creativity and learn how to apply those talents to their career goals.

School of Media Arts

Web Design and Development Diploma

For students seeking entry-level positions in the website design and development industry, the Web Design and Development Diploma offered at the Art Institute of Phoenix provides them with that opportunity. After graduation, students are able to gain entry into positions website designers and developers. The curriculum includes instruction in design development, information delivery using websites and includes information on mobile device applications, a growing industry in itself. The objectives of the program are knowledge related to the creation of websites using a variety of methodology and development of teamwork skills in a professional setting. Each student completes a professional portfolio that demonstrates their skills to potential employers.

Web Design & Interactive Communications Diploma

Students who want to learn more about web design and how it relates to interactive communication will develop those skills through the Web Design and Interactive Communication Diploma at the Art Institute of Phoenix. The program includes instruction in visual communication and interactive media, in addition to the skills necessary in creating websites. There is an emphasis on computer languages commonly used in website design, as well as usability principles and information architecture.  Objectives for the program include development of an understanding of visual elements and communication necessary for designing websites and interactive media, ability to solve problems using scripting techniques, and ability to identify and design solutions to problems common in interactive media. Students create a professional portfolio that demonstrates their knowledge and skills to potential employers.

School of Design

Graphic & Web Design Bachelor of Arts

The the Art Institute of Phoenix offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic and Web Design, which combines the artistic elements of design with the technical aspects of website creation. Students develop in-depth knowledge related to software and technology used in graphic and web design. The focus of the program is developing skills that allow students express a client’s message and helping clients achieve goals through visual communication. Students can pursue specialty topics within the program, such as Package Design, Environmental Graphics, Animation Design, Database Programming, Application Development, and Motion Design.  Students are taught to provide clients with versatile, appealing solutions to website design problems and use historical and contemporary trends to resolve design issues.  Students can also expect to learn various mediums in graphic and website design. Graduates of the program are qualified for positions as Web Designer, Web Developer, Interactive Designer and Graphic Designer, and with experience, can move into senior positions in their field of choice.Students create a professional portfolio that can be used to demonstrate their skills and knowledge to potential employers.


  • Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools


The Art Institute of Phoenix
2233 West Dunlap Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85021-2859
Phone: 602-331-7500

Brown Mackie-Tucson

Business and Technology: Tuscon

Brown Mackie College in Tucson provides students with the opportunity to pursue a degree surrounded by a city that is becoming a growing metropolis. Brown Mackie College has been offering career-focused education for over 120 years. One unique aspect of Brown Mackie is their “One Course a Month” program. Students take one course each month, providing them with a more manageable, flexible approach to higher education. Students can focus on one class at a time, which is especially beneficial to students who are working full-time or have family obligations.

There are a number of services available to students at Brown Mackie, including tutoring, career guidance and financial aid for those who qualify. Faculty and staff are focused on helping students achieve their career goals. The college works closely with the local community to create programs that will provide employers with a highly trained and motivated workforce. Courses at Brown Mackie are designed to stimulate and develop a student’s individual and professional growth.The Business and Technology Department at Brown Mackie creates business savvy, computer-literate graduates necessary in today’s workforce. The department strives to help build careers for students by helping them develop natural talents.

Graphic Design (AS)

For those who have a creative flair and have excellent computer skills, a Graphic Design Associates Degree at Brown Mackie can turn those talents into a career. It is designed to develop skills in design creation, team leadership, and website development. Students take classes that involve critical thinking, knowledge about art and design, as well as proficiency in state-of-the-art technology. Course requirements include Concept Development, Production Procedures, Advanced Web Design, and Digital Image Manipulation. After graduation students may obtain entry-level positions in video graphics, digital design, and website development. The program can be completed in as little as two years.


  • Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools


Brown Mackie College – Tucson
4585 East Speedway Boulevard
Suite 204
Tuscon, AZ 85712
Website: Associate of Science in Graphic Design 

Eastern Arizona College

Department of Graphic Design

Eastern Arizona College began as a private college, chartered in 1888 by the Church of Latter Day Saints. It is Arizona’s oldest community college, beginning as the St. Joseph Stake Academy with classes taught in a local church in Central, Arizona. The majority of the students, however, lived in nearby Thatcher, and the commute to and from the school became an obstacle. In 1891, the college moved to an adobe building in Thatcher, and quickly outgrew that location. Founder Christopher Layton built a new brick building, known as the Tithing Building, and the school remained in that location for 16 years.

In the beginning, teachers and adminstrators received much of their pay in farm produce, yet the school struggled financially, and an epidemic of diphtheria and croup claimed the lives of many students. In February 1896, the school was forced to close for four years. In 1898, a decision was made to reopen the school with a curriculum that would provide practical benefits. With the invention of Morse code, telegraphy was a popular course, and it was followed by engineering, shorthand, typing and other business related classes. The college grew, undergoing several name changes until, in 1966, it was named the Eastern Arizona College.

Graphic Design (AAS)

The Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Design program at Eastern Arizona College provides students with the knowledge necessary for designing everything from websites to brochures. Students learn from faculty with real-world work experience and are provided hands-on experience in the college’s Mac lab. With the graphic design field growing rapidly, demand for graphic and web designers is growing as well. The average salary for a web designer is $55,000 per year. Students begin with the fundamentals of design, including color and drawing, eventually focusing on more advanced properties such as digital tools and website development. Students learn on the latest stoftware in order to have the best opportunities in their job search.


  • North Central Association Higher Learning Commission (NCA HLC)


Eastern Arizona College
615 North Stadium Avenue
Thatcher, AZ 85552
Telephone: 928-428-8470
Email: tom.cicchelli@eac.edu
Website: Associate’s of Applied Science in Graphic Design at EAC

GateWay Community College–Phoenix

Information Technology

GateWay Community College experienced humble beginnings, located in an empty department store, with keypunch operators replacing mannequins and cash registers removed for desks. What was then the Maricopa Technical College held student orientation in a nearby movie theater. As the college grew, the decision was made in 1987 to change the name to GateWay Community College to convey the expanded curriculum and degree offerings. Today, GateWay offers more than 125 degree, certificate and job-training programs to more than 16,000 students each year. The school reaches out to the community through the GateWay Community High School, Johnson Controls Institute, and other workforce development partnerships. The goal of the college is to offer continuing education while supporting the surrounding community.

The Information Technology Department at GateWay provides training programs to students using the latest equipment and innovations. Students with an interest in computers or the internet can turn those interests and talents into profitable careers in website design, computer game development or creating computer networks for businesses.

Computer Information Systems

GateWay offers both a certificate and Associate’s Degree program in Computer Information Systems. Both programs are designed to help students find employment using current computer applications. Students develop skills in computer information systems, operating systems, database management and popular programming languages. Students attend courses such as UNIX Operating Systems, Programming Fundamentals, Internet/Web Development and more related to the computer information field. In addition, students in the Associate’s degree program are required to take General Education classes in English, communication, math, and science.


  • The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools


GateWay Community College
108 North 40th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85034
Telephone: 602-286-8000
Email: info@gatewaycc.edu
Website: GateWay CC program in Computer Information Systems

Glendale Community College

Business & Information Technology

Glendale Community College opened in 1965, the first in the West Valley and the second in the new Maricopa County Community College district. Originally, classes were held iin the Camelback and Maryland extensions of Phoenix College until moving to a 147-acre campus in 1966. The campus displayed 226 palm trees along the central mall and Spanish-influenced architecture. These symbols are represented in the logo that represents the school today.

In 2000, the college opened another campus, known as the North Valley campus, and expanded development to include business training. The campus is home to the Chrysler Employee Training Center, the Arizona Procurement Technical Institute and the Institute for Business, Industry and Technology. The college promotes the success of students through innovation and quality learning.

Web Design (CCL)

Glendale Community College offers a Certificate in Web Design for students who are interested in developing those skills for career advancement. Taught under the Business and Information Technology Department, the program provides training in a variety of web design subjects that prepare students for entry-level positions as designers of websites for companies, individuals and organizations. Courses include Flash: Digital Animation, Adobe Photoshop Digital Imaging, Computer Graphics, Internet/Web Development, and e-Commerce. The program takes approximately 32 weeks to complete, and it is expected that job placement for those who complete the certificate is high.


  • Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA HLC)


Glendale Community College
6000 West Olive Avenue
Glendale, AZ 85302
Telephone: 623-845-3000
Email: info@gccaz.edu
Website: GCC Web Design (CCL) Program

Mesa Community College

Mesa Community College has been in existence for over 50 years, serving residents with on campus and online classes. They offer two campuses and five affiliate locations, serving more than 40,000 students each year. There are more than 180 degree and certificate programs, and the award-winning faculty is dedicated to student success.

Mesa offers more than education, as students are able to learn outside the traditional classroom. There is the opportunity for clubs and organizations that students may join, and the college promotes community involvement. Mesa works closely with business leaders in the area to provide them with a highly trained workforce, while offering students opportunities for internships and mentoring. The college also has an extensive athletics program for students who enjoy playing sports.

Web Technology

The growth of the internet has led to the need for more content, which also means there is a growing need for designers, developers and server administrators. The Web Technology program at Mesa Community College provides students with the knowledge necessary to design and develop websites. Students learn to create interactive websites using common programming languages and databases. The program features five areas of study: Web Technology, Web Designer, Web Developer, Advanced Web Developer, and Web Server Administrator. Students may choose to earn a Certificate of Completion or continue their studies to earn an Associate in Applied Science. The Associate in Applied Science degree requires additional General Education courses, including English, math, and science.


  • Higher Learning Commission North Central Assocation


Mesa Community College
1833 West Southern Avenue
Mesa, AZ 85202
Telephone: 480-461-7400
Website: Mesa Community College Web Technology Program

With the Arizona technology sector growing, web design is a blooming field. Although there are many do-it-yourself programs available, as a company grows, the need for a more elaborate, complicated website will also grow. It is then that most businesses turn to a website designer. The growth of Arizona’s business climate is one of the reasons colleges and universities have begun offering accredited web design programs in Arizona.  These programs offer a chance to pursue a career in the field of web design or add web design experience to your current resume.