Why is Web Design and Web Development Important?

Are Web Design and Web Development important fields? In short: Yes! They absolutely are. Those that pursue Web Design and Web Development are going to come to find that there is a lot of demand for people in those fields. Why is that? Well, look at the world around us? Most things are on the Internet these days. We have a tendency to take for granted the webpages we visit. Remember, a group of people developed the webpage you’re looking at right now. Web developers ensure that a website is functioning properly, has a decent layout, has an interface that is easy for people to use, and many other things.

Importance in Big Businesses

Web Design and Development is an important field because the internet isn’t going anywhere. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a huge 21.7 percent employment growth for Web developers between now and 2020. Why? More and more businesses are moving online and they want a professional that can make a great design for their site. When a business has a quality website, it says a lot about that particular business. For some businesses, web development is going to be the absolute most important part of their mission statement.

Importance in Small Business or Start Ups

In addition to big business getting involved in web design, you also have to think about how important web development and design to those that don’t have big businesses yet. Think about MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook. All of these social networks had to start somewhere. Social networking is getting more and more popular with other sites and applications like Vine, instagram, and Tumblr. All of these sites needed someone to design their site and now these sites are worth millions of dollars. How amazing would you feel being involved in the next instagram or Twitter? While web designers aren’t exactly the “idea men,” they are a crucial part of the operation. They are the ones that make the site look appealing to the mainstream market.

Importance in the Mobile Phone Market

App design and web design are starting to become synonymous. Those that can design webpages and websites can use their skills to also develop applications for the mobile phone market. Almost everyone has a smartphone these days, those that don’t even have a computer at least have a smartphone. This makes the mobile application market one of the most lucrative for a web designer. Developing a mobile application is a lot cheaper than developing entire websites. They are simpler and it’s much easier to spread them to the most amount of people because of the prevalence of people using their smartphones.

Freelancing Opportunities

One of the best aspects of web design is the possibility of freelancing. It isn’t like a lot of other professions where you just work for that one company for your entire life. Web designers are in very high demand, but it is a lot cheaper for businesses to hire a freelancer for one assignment and move on. This may seem bad, but it’s actually a great thing. Freelance web designers have the freedom to work their own hours and do as much as they want. This makes their salary virtually limitless.

Bottom Line

All in all, don’t believe the naysayers. Web design and web development are very important fields in all facets of society.  To learn more about obtaining your Web Design or Web Development degree, visit our research page.