What Types Of Jobs Will I Be Looking For With a Web Design Degree?

webIf you are interested in pursing a career in web design, there are a plethora of awesome jobs that you can pursue to use your talent. Web design is a field that is in high demand and those armed with web design skills can work in a variety of settings such as private corporations, nonprofit organizations and government agencies. Here are some careers to consider if you are currently interested in pursuing a degree in web design.

Front End Developer

Front End developers are typically the individuals responsible for the overall creative layout and look of a website. Although it is required that they understand some basic back-end programming for debugging purposes, most front end developers spend the majority of their time working on the actual graphical presentation of the website. This will include everything from the actual visual layout, color scheme, fonts, tabs, etc.


Webmasters are usually employed in smaller settings where they are essentially responsible for the creation and maintenance of a company’s or organization’s website. They will do everything from actually design the website, create content as well as engage in some degree of eCommerce and SEO programming. Although this role is becoming increasingly rare, many smaller places are relying on these individuals to be a single point of reference for everything online-related.

Content Developers

Content Developers are individuals that are responsible for development and maintaining content for websites. Generally, content developers will help in creating a variety of media such as written content (blog posts, articles, press releases), video, infographics, and podcasts.

WordPress Developer

WordPress Developers are web designers that specialize in creating themes and layouts for the WordPress content management system. Many businesses and organizations rely on the WordPress system for their websites, so it takes specialists to learn how to properly design and code WordPress websites.

Web Content Copywriter

Some web designers get hired as web content copywriters. These individuals are responsible for creating written content for websites. Whether its helping create newsletters, press releases, website landing page content, or blog posts; web content copywriters are skilled writer that are familiar with SEO and web design principles.

Social Media Managers

Web Designers are also frequently looking into careers in social media. Social media managers are responsible for maintaining a company’s or organization’s social media presence on a variety of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. Social media managers will work closely with content managers and strategists to come up with the most attractive content (written and visual) for social media platforms.

Content Strategists

Many experienced web designers eventually become content strategists. These individuals are usually highly experienced individuals who have at least five years of experience in developing websites, content and other materials for the web. These individuals work closely with brand managers and marketing directors to come up with a comprehensive web content marketing strategy for a business or organization.

As you can see, there are so many different roles that web designers can pursue. It’s simply just a matter of figuring out your niche and continuously developing a serious portfolio to work on developing a serious skill set.