What Makes Apple So Successful?

During the tech boom of the 1980’s and 1990’s, Microsoft typically beat out Apple in all corners of the globe, making it the most popular computer system in the world. However, in recent years, Apple has come storming back and made a huge name for itself as not just a successful technology company, but also an industry leader in terms of the things it creates and innovates. And while the occasional tech user may think that Apple is nothing more than overpriced computer goods, there is plenty of logic behind the principle that Apple is much more expensive than its counterparts. Here are some reasons why Apple is such a successful company. 


When you take a look at smart phones, tablets and personal computers, there were obviously other choices other than just the iPhone, iPad and Macintosh. However, all of those Apple products came out and brought a new sense of style and innovation to each of their respective markets. The iPhone can be seen as the main contributor to the boom in smart phones and mobile applications, while the iPad was considered to be the best working tablet at the time. Apple products are new and exciting, and the technology that goes into them represent that. From a consumers perspective, buyers want those products that keep things interesting, but also looks sharp as well.


Some people may argue that there is a bit of frustration that comes with owning Apple products, namely in the fact that you are somewhat restricted in how you can use your device. This is especially true when other smart phones have huge displays, and the iPhone is certainly lacking in that category. However, there is a reason behind the mindset of Apple products. That reasoning is the fact that Apple products run cohesively together in a way that other products can’t compete with. For example, in order for an app to be released into the iTunes store, it has to fit the restrictions put in place for the iPhone. That includes screen size, graphics, and other vital characteristics. With other app stores, there are few restrictions as to what developers can release, which paves the way for a lot of less reliable apps and programs out there. This is prevalent on many of the Apple products, which other companies can’t compete with.

Beautiful Designs

One reason people thought the iPod became so popular was because of those white headphones that came with each device. Before that, people typically wore bigger and more bulky headphones that were black. But the second you saw a pair of white headphones, you knew the person was using an Apple device. In reality, white headphones are a very simple concept. However, they represent the beauty that Apple puts into their products and how innovative they are with their ideas. Now, the iPhone and iPad only offer one button at the bottom, unlike competitor devices, yet both devices work smoothly. The designs that go into Apple products are simple, yet beautiful and detail oriented.


It should also be mentioned that Apple markets their products quite well. In the early-2000’s, Apple started airing commercials that pitted two people against one another, an older and out of shape man versus a younger and more hip Justin Long. That marketing asked people who they wanted to be more associated with. By doing this, they targeted a younger market of users, which helped them gain a hefty market that they were able to build on. It is also thought that their “1984” advertisement is one of the most influential commercials ever.

There were plenty of tech companies that were vying for the publics attention when personal computers began becoming a staple in the homes of the average person. However, Microsoft and Apple were able to set themselves apart as the top dogs in the race. And to this day, while Microsoft may lead by numbers, Apple remains successful because of all of the reasons listed here.

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