What Is The Starting Salary For Someone Who Just Got Their Web Design Degree?

A Web Design degree can open doors for you when you have little to no experience in the field. With an undergraduate level degree, you can secure an entry-level position with employers who require that their tech staff have a formal education. If you have recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Web Design, the next step is to interview with employers and show that you would be a valuable asset to any organization. As you start to sift through the job listings within the field, you will need to compare the starting salaries along with the benefits package that is offered by the employer. While starting salaries can range dramatically from firm to firm and corporation to corporation, here is your guide to the starting salary in Web Design.

Average Salaries in Web Designer Show You the Big Picture

The average Web Design salary reported by Indeed.com is $73,000, but this figure includes recent graduates and designers with years of experience. While this average does give you a very broad idea of how much professionals in the field earn, if you want figures that will give you a realistic idea of how much an entry-level designer will make, you must consider all of the factors that can either raise or drop your starting pay as a Web Designer or Developer. If you want more than just a big picture, you must delve deeper when you are comparing open job listings.

What Factors Can Affect How Much Earning Power You Will Have as an Entry-Level Designer?

Geographic area has always played a role in how much professionals in any field make. While the cost of living does affect starting salaries, another regional factor is demand. In metropolitan areas where the demand for experience designers is higher starting salaries will be higher. Areas like San Francisco, New York, and Philadelphia all report high salaries for Level 1 Web Designers, whereas professionals in Birmingham and Greensboro have dramatically lower pay rates. If you are willing to relocate to find higher paying entry-level positions, you could raise earning potential and gain experience.

Work environment can also affect your salary. If you are working in a large IT department and directly employer by a giant corporation, you will make a higher starting salary than you would working for a small-sized business. The benefits package you receive is also worth its weight in money. You must consider both your salary and the entire compensation package when you are comparing positions with large employers and small employers. As you gain experience, you may also have the opportunity to set your own rates by starting your own design firm and taking on your own clientele.

The need for talented web designers is on the rise, and with a degree you can complete for Junior level positions even without any experience. The Internet makes it possible to see what employers are paying starting professionals in the field where you live and where you are interested in relocating. After you have 2 to 4 years of experience in the field, you may be able to enjoy a promotion to a Level 2 Web Designer position that comes with a higher pay scale. Put your degree to use and start your new career as soon as possible.