What Is The Difference Between Web Design and Graphic Design?

Although they both include design concepts, web design and graphic design are different. Web design involves the construction of a website while graphic design is the construction of an image.

Web Design

Web design is the visual layout of a website. It is the creation of the overall experience for the website visitor. The main component of website design is the creation of a wireframe. The wireframe serves as the blueprint and foundation for the site. It will detail navigation and layout as well as content and widget placement. The layout of a website is centered around the action steps that the site owner would like the visitor to take. Another key piece of website design is color. Knowing your audience is key to finalizing design colors for your site. Different color schemes invoke different emotions. An example of this is the red arrow. Red triggers you to stop. The visitor of the site is drawn to the red and is triggered to stop and enter their email address, immediately sign-up for a program, etc. Web designers create the foundation that is instrumental in designing a site that will keep a visitor clicking.

Web design intertwines the personality of the site owner with the technology and psychology that will create a positive user experience. A positive user experience creates the optimal outcome for the site owner; a lead or relationship.

Graphic Design

Graphic design, as stated above, is the creation of a visual. Graphic design goes beyond website images. In addition to websites, graphic designers create branding material and visual concepts for media projects. When a company recruits a graphic designer, they are seeking assistance in visually connecting to their clients. The potential customer will read and inquire into something that captures their attention.

Graphic designers are commonly utilized for logo creation. A logo is the central core of an organization’s branding strategy. A graphic designer is pivotal in interpreting a company’s vision and turning it into an image. An experienced designer understands the visual technology and concepts needed to draw in the eyes of individuals. They understand design strategies and terminology to include points, planes, textures, and symmetry. Other bodies of work, that graphic designers assist in bringing to visual life, include images for music artist’s CD packaging, covers for physical and downloadable books, and advertisement material. A graphic designer is well-versed in visual communication. They utilize the sense of sight to create images that intrigue and create a sense of curiosity.

Web design is the creation of a web experience while graphic design is the production of a visual image. Although web design and graphic design differ in definition, they do share a commonality. The desired outcome of both is to capture the eyes and initiate a call to action. Web design creates a website that captures a website visitor, while graphic design creates a single or series of images that captures the eyes.