What is Retina Display?

Retina DisplayWhat is Retina Display? If you were to ask this question to a scientist and a technology marketing specialist at Apple computers, you would probably get two very different answers. In a general sense, retina display technology is a marketing term that is used to describe the most advanced screen technology available today. In a more technical sense, retina display is more about pixel density and the capabilities of the human eye. According to an article in MacWorld, retina displays are those that are so detailed that the human eye cannot detect the pixellation effect. Essentially, the human eye is not capable to telling the difference between a photo of a painting on the screen or the painting itself.

Can the Human Eye Detect the Pixels?

Based on research that has been conducted in the industry, Apple has found a way to trademark the term Retina display. This means that only Apple has the right to use this specification in the description of its products. While the term is trademarked, this does not stop companies from developing the same screens on their own. There is a very common question among tech-savvy individuals concerned whether or not pixels are truly undetectable on retina displays. While you may think that you are savvy enough to pick out the pixels, scientists have found that those with 20/20 vision or lower cannot physically see the difference. Individuals who have better vision have not been tested.

Is this the Best Display on the Market?

If you are a technology user or you work in the industry, you know how quickly technologies advance. In the past, fuzzy screens gave way to high-definition. Now, retina displays make it virtually impossible to make screens any better in the future. Some companies argue that their high resolution displays are actually better than those that are labeled by Apple as “Retina.”

It is common for a Retina Display device to feature a pixel density of 264 for tablets and 220 for laptops. The other products on the market feature more pixels per inch, but this does not necessarily make the devices better in a practical sense if the human eye is not capable of detecting a difference. It is expected that displays are not going to get quite as much attention in the future if the human eye sees everything beyond some point the same.

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Are Retina Displays Popular?

In a consumer driven world where the population loves having the latest and greatest products, retina displays are becoming increasingly popular. If you are wondering whether or not this new technology is worth the extra money you must pay, it depends on what you value. When you are reading e-text, having a retina display can be much better and less straining on your eyes. If you want a powerful processor rather then a more clear screen, then going for upgraded processing may be a better bet for you.

It is important to know all of the tech terms if you are buying products or even if you plan on marketing them in the future. Retina displays are unique to Apple, but look out for similar pixel technologies in the future.