What Is A Web Content Copywriter?

Web Content CopywriterMany people want an answer to the question of what is a web content copywriter because they hear stories of people making thousands of dollars or more every month. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, writers and authors earn a median salary of nearly $60,000 a year or close to $27 an hour. Before you quit your job and decide to enter the world of writing, make sure that you know what the job entails.

What is a Web Content Copywriter?

A web content copywriter is someone who produces copy for others. Copy typically refers to articles intended to sell a specific product or service. For example, a client might call on you to create an article that will highlight the lawn and gardening services that his or her company offers and to encourage people to call for an appointment. You might also find yourself writing about specific products. Clients want you to explain why shoppers should choose those products and what makes those products different from other similar items currently on the market.

How Does a Copywriter Compare to an Online Writer?

Comparing a copywriter to an online writer or content writer is like comparing a fiction author to a non-fiction author. While both write, they focus on different tasks. A content writer essentially creates new and fresh content. They write articles for blogs and Websites, and clients often ask those writers to incorporate specific keywords in their articles. For example, a client might give you a list of five phrases and ask you to use each of those phrases two or more times in the same piece. When asking what is a Web content copywriter and if it’s the right choice for you, you need to determine if you can handle writing compelling sales articles.

Nature of the Job

Working as a writer often sounds like a fun job, but you might change your mind after finding out more about the working conditions. Though you can work from home, at your local library or even your favorite coffee shop, you often need to follow the schedules of others. Many copywriters accept jobs from people living in different time zones, and they need to produce quality content based around the schedules and time zones of those clients. You must also create pieces that are free of any grammar or spelling errors and make sure that you follow the guidelines and requirements of your clients.

Where to Work

While some copywriters make thousands of dollars every week, other writers struggle to find jobs. Though there are a handful of online writing sites, you often need to submit samples and go through a screening process before writing a single piece. You can also find clients online via a writing portfolio and Website that you create or from applying for open positions. Copywriters occasionally use their skills to transition into other types of writing, including running a popular Website, working as a social marketer or writing a best selling book.

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Copywriters produce content for companies that want to sell products and services, but many working in that field have troubles finding and keeping high paying jobs. When you want an answer to the question of what is a Web content copywriter, you need to think about the nature of the job and where you might work.