What Is a Good Minor To Complement a Degree In Web Design?

In today’s competitive job market, it’s important for those who receive a degree in Web Design to be well-rounded professionals. To rise to the top of their chosen field, the best candidates will possess an ideal blend of educational skills that complement their main field of study in Web Design by carefully and strategically selecting their minor. According to the Harvard Business Review, one of the top five career regrets for students is that they wished they used their time at school more productively.

Intense consideration should be spent thinking about long-term business goals. Armed with a degree in Web Design, individuals are prepared to tackle many tasks. However, a focus on the overall educational skill sets acquired by choosing a minor carefully can better represent the graduate as a knowledgeable professional experienced in a wide variety of related platforms. This strategy increases a graduate’s potential to be viewed as more valuable to potential employers and clients.Not every graduate’s career goal is to earn a six-figure or higher salary. For some individuals, the ability to be creative and gain recognition from their peers within the industry is key. Selecting a good minor to complement a degree in Web Design in addition to career and creative goals should also be a good fit.

The Importance of Passion

It can be difficult to adequately master expertise in the minor selected if the individual is not truly passionate about it. In a sense, a minor can be considered a “mini major”. Although the coursework involved is less intensive that those required for major areas of study, the core fundamental areas that are covered provide solid educational foundation that can be applied across a number of platforms. An individual should be fully prepared to allocate the appropriate time and commitment needed to make it a worthwhile choice.

Knowing early on what your minor field of study is can potentially save you time and money, since you are better prepared from the onset to meet the requirements and will not have to take additional courses that you may not been prepared for financially.

Choosing a Minor to Complement a Degree in Web Design

Carefully choosing a minor that complements your degree in Web Design can have a significant impact on your career. Here are some great choices to consider:

Social Media

Social media is considered a de rigueur integral function for most companies. The social media platform has exploded in recent years, with businesses fully embracing integration of social media strategy early on in the Web Design process.  Therefore, possessing an education in social media can be considered very valuable . Most — if not all — businesses insist on social media integration from the onset. Someone who has focused on social media as a minor and takes the time to include it prominently on their resume greatly improves their chances of gaining employment with the company of their choice.


All companies market themselves in some form; however, not all employees have marketing experience. That is an important distinction that you can use to your advantage. Many companies both large and small advertise marketing and Web Design as one position. Applicants without the marketing background might find themselves limited in their career choices. Those individuals who have already secured a career in Web Design may find that they have tremendous growth opportunities because of the marketing background.


Depending on our interests and career goals, a minor in fashion can be enormous boost to your portfolio. Large fashion houses often have complicated websites designed to most accurately represent their artistic visions. Someone that has studied fashion coupled with their degree in Web Design has the opportunity, for example, to become associated with a major fashion designer. Having one’s work recognized on that level opens up numerous opportunities in an industry that can otherwise be extremely difficult to penetrate.


For those wanting to focus more on the creative end of the spectrum, minoring in illustration can satisfy a number of needs. Many businesses now advertise on their websites as a form of additional revenue. For some, it is their primary source of revenue. Having the ability to design advertisements for business while creating their website enables freelancers or those working with Web Design agencies the ability to offer more comprehensive services. Additionally, a minor in illustration provides future opportunities for individuals that might want to write and illustrate a book or magazine.

Computer Science

An important aspect of Computer Science is the development of methods for the systematic and accurate design of large systems in hardware and software. Combining a Computer Science minor with a Web Design degree prepares graduates for software-intensive professional careers and also helps shield them from the effects of the economy since the field is virtually recession-proof.


If you intend to go into business for yourself, a minor in business is always beneficial. Individuals that complement their degree in Web Design with business knowledge will learn to integrate business concepts into their chosen career while honing analytical, quantitative, and leadership skills.

Contract Management

Contract Management can a great complement for a Web Designer whether they plan to work for an employer, a Web Design agency, or as a freelancer. Professional Web Designers often focus on the look and feel of web pages. Since a large number of Web Designers ultimately choose to work as independent contractors or for contract design firms, a thorough understanding of how contracts work provides the Web Designer — especially an independent one — the ability to secure contracts with large entities by utilizing professional business practices.

Selecting which minor to choose in order to best complement a Web Design degree requires careful thought – in some cases, even more thought than the decision to obtain a major in Web Design. Choosing a minor that personally interests you, that you are passionate about, and that has practicality in the real world will go a long way to boost your career prospects, opening up limitless opportunities both personally and professionally.