What Is a Good Masters Degree To Go With My Web Design Degree?

webSo you have a web design degree. You know how to write your web pages in HTML. You’ve figured out CSS and Javascript. You can design the shape of the site and you know how to format the content. But there is a problem. They didn’t teach you much about the actual content and how to create it. A Master’s degree can help with that.

Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

A Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design is different depending on the university offering it. But in general, Graphic Design is an all-encompassing degree. It covers everything from typography to branding to interactive design. While your web design degree may have taught you some rudimentary graphic design, a true graphic design degree will cover many more topics and get you up to speed on how to use the latest software and what the latest design trends are.

Why should you go with a degree in graphic design? Have you ever looked at a website and just couldn’t get over how beautiful that design was? In most cases, this is because of the graphic designer. A good example of this would be themes. Web designers create themes for websites. They get the user interface perfect so users don’t get confused. Then they hand those themes over to graphic designers. The graphic designers can turn ordinary themes into works of art by providing color and shape to the flat page. In essence, web designers create the frame. Graphic designers create the painting. Another good reason is demand for design jobs is rising according to HOW .

Master of Arts in Writing

A Master of Arts in Writing can cover many topics. It can include journalism, business writing, technical writing, poetry, fiction and many other types of writing. Again, your web design degree might have asked you to write some content for some assignment sites, but it didn’t teach you search engine optimization (SEO), Associated Press (AP) style or what format to write a press release in. That is what a writing degree can give you.

While graphic design can paint the picture, unless your site is designed specifically as a portfolio for graphics and photos only, writing is how you will explain your graphics and your photos. Or writing might be the content the entire web site is focused on while graphics and photos just give a little extra flair to keep the eyes happy while the brain reads the words. The frame and the painting may be done, but someone has to describe the piece so everyone else can understand it. That is the job of the writer. Imagine being able to design the website and being able to write the copy that goes on it at the same time. You could be a one person design firm.

A web design degree is great. The work provides a foundation for the site. But a web design degree would be so much better if you pair it with another degree that can make the website even better. A Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design degree and a Master of Arts in Writing degree are excellent degrees to add to your educational portfolio. With all three, you would be able to write the code for the website, design the look of the website, and fill the website with written and visual content.