What is a Content Developer in Web Design?

Content Development for Web DesignIndividuals who have thought about pursuing a career in the fields of information technology and/or marketing have probably asked themselves an important question: “What is a content developer in web design?” Since content development effectively melds the worlds of information technology and marketing, it can be an ideal occupation for individuals who want to work in both sectors. By reading the data found below, you can learn more about what content developers do and how to begin working in the field.

What is a Content Developer?

Although broadly defined, a content developer is basically an individual who creates the text that appears on a business’s website. This text can include anything from blog posts to web articles, and it often includes the mini-descriptions of products that appear on the site’s product pages. Content developers play an integral role in the overarching process of web design. Web design processes include the use of features, fonts, backgrounds, colors, and text that will make a website as aesthetically appealing and functional as possible.

Content Development Strategies

In order to make a website’s content great, content developers employ a plethora of unique strategies. Some of them include:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is basically a process of using one or several strategies to help a business’s website reach the top of the search engine results pages. Some SEO strategies that a content developer might employ include the use of internal links, external links, anchor text, and keyword analysis. Keyword analysis is a particularly important strategy because it involves analyzing which words people type in the search field when looking for information, products, or services. Once content developers determine which keywords are used most frequently, they can plant these words in the text of the content they create to make it more likely to show up in in the results pages.

2. Content Enhancement

There is a discernible difference between good and great content, and content developers work to ensure that the work they produce falls in the latter category. There are several content enhancing strategies that developers can use, and one of the most prevalent is to make the text scannable. As many research studies have indicated, most people who go online to read are not reading documents in their entirety. Instead, they skim through the documents to locate the information they’re looking for. With this idea in mind, web developers work to make their content scannable by implementing bullets, numbered lists, and headers in the text.

Content Developer Salaries

If you are interested in becoming a content developer, you should know that your expected salary will be contingent upon location. For example, a content developer in New York can expect to earn about $108,000 each year, according to Indeed.com. On the other hand, a content developer who works in Georgia can expect to earn about $102,000 annually. Other factors that can affect a content developer’s salary include education, experience, and any areas of specialization.

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If you are interested in working within the fields of information technology or marketing, you should know that opting to become a content developer can help you accomplish your objective. Now that you have an answer to the question “What is a content developer in web design?,” you can decide whether this vocational path would help you accomplish your personal and professional goals.