What Do Web Designers Do?

In today’s world, you may hear the phrase ‘web designer’ tossed around quite a bit, usually interchangeably with the phrase ‘web developer’ – but what do they actually do? Is it the same thing, or something totally different?

To put it simply, a web designer is someone who makes a website look great on your computer. They may possess programming skills or they may not; usually, however, web designers are also programmers, and this means they can build a website for you as well as make it look good. A more thorough explanation can be found here. So far as semantics are concerned, ‘web developer’ and ‘web programmer’ are about the same; these individuals are responsible for the code behind every website that makes it work. A designer, in the strictest sense, ‘designs’ the page. They act as a sort of artist and layout manager.

Employment opportunities

Web designers can be found in many places. Companies that offer web services often have several on staff, but many web designers can be found working from anywhere in the world on a freelance basis. It is a job that lends itself well to that sort of location independence, because all that is required is a laptop and and an internet connection. Because of this, many people are interested in the earning potential of the job and want to become a designer, but aren’t sure how.

Is college necessary to become a web designer?

Going to college isn’t strictly necessary to become a web designer. If you have an eye for aesthetics, understand the basics of computer code, and are a quick learner, you can essentially teach yourself. However, many colleges offer programs centered around web design that can help you learn all the necessary skills quickly. These courses often involve art and graphic design classes to help you develop an eye for clean lines and attractive pages, coding classes so that you understand how the website will interact with your design, and business classes to prepare you for the financial side of websites.

The importance of a portfolio

However, while attending a school, you will create many projects as your skills progress. It is vital that you save all of these on a thumb drive or in a safe location. When employers begin looking for designers, they don’t care about your grades or GPA nearly as much as they do about your skills. By saving your projects, you demonstrate a portfolio of work that instantly makes you an attractive candidate. Even if some of the work is sub par, let them know – they will see how far you have progressed, and the potential you hold will be another point in your favor.

Becoming a web designer can be a truly lucrative career path with nearly unlimited earning potential, and the ability to travel around and work from anywhere you want. It also gives you the option of signing on with a company and having a more secure income, if that is your preference. As the world becomes more and more technologically oriented and more businesses realize their need for web presence, the demand for skilled designers will only increase. If you have an interest in becoming a designer, begin focusing on it now. Develop your skills and make a name for yourself, and you’ll soon have more work than you know what to do with.