Tips for Finding a Good Internship Program with Your Web Design Degree

Graduating from college with a degree in Web Design–whether it be an Associate’s, Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree–is a very exciting accomplishment. However, upon graduating or getting close to graduating, the pressure to find a job in the field can get to be overwhelming. You may find yourself wondering how you will be able to find a job without real-world experience or may even be debating whether or not you want to work as a freelance designer. For the most part, it is recommended that those emerging in the field of web design find an internship upon graduating that will provide them with the experience needed to ultimately be successful in the field.

Of course, landing an internship in the field of web design is often easier said than done. While the demand for web design experts these days is higher than ever, the number of companies hiring web design interns is actually dropping quite steadily. Not to mention, with an increasingly large number of people choosing the field of web design as their career choices, the market is more competitive than ever. Still, there are some valuable tips that may help you land a great internship in web design.

Create an ePortfolio

If you are about to graduate with your web design degree or have already graduated, there is a good chance that you have put together a physical portfolio of your work. However, if you want to be able to apply to multiple internships at once, you are much better off creating an online version of your web design portfolio. This way, you can showcase your work to all potential internship programs at once by simply including the link to your portfolio in your resume or application. Having an ePortolio also makes you come off as more professional and serious about your work.


Internship opportunities do not always make themselves obvious in the form of a newspaper or online ad. Sometimes, it takes a little bit of digging and research on your end to find out what is available. This is where knowing the right people in the field can make all the difference. Do you have a web design professor that you really clicked with during your time of study? If so, consider sending him or her an e-mail and asking about possible internship opportunities that he or she is aware of. You may be surprised at how much this can help you in your search.

Create an Outstanding Cover Letter & Resume

As a web designer, you are expected to know the skills necessary to create organized and visually appealing documents. Demonstrate these skills and abilities with your own resume and cover letter. Rather than putting together a stereotypical and bland resume and cover letter, incorporate some of your own knowledge of web design, font choice, color palettes, and other aspects of the field to demonstrate what you know. This will be sure to make you stand out among other internship applicants.

Landing an internship in the field of web design can open up doors to many opportunities in the future, so be sure to put as much effort as you can into finding the internship that is right for you.