What Jobs are in Web Architecture Design?

As we continue to find more and more of our existence manifested in a digital format, many vocations such as jobs in web architecture design are becoming increasingly numerous. For those interested in this type of work, this is truly fantastic news. So, what are some examples of the many jobs in web architecture design available today? Here’s just a handful of the growing options in this line of work.

Technical Writer

Technical writing is the skill used for the creation of technical manuals, instruction guides, and so on. In the world of web architecture design, this skill is likewise valued. Here, technical writers apply the necessary writing styles and skills to the world wide web and various projects that take place within it. A strong aptitude of concise and correct communications and attention to detail are crucial here, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Application Administrator

Today’s application administrator provides a vital link to networks and online ventures alike. In this role, the individual at the helm must maintain the entire system and adapt it as evolving needs require. Skills in debugging, root cause analysis, eQube proficiency, all aspects of integration, and an ability to work with and oversee an entire team of like-minded professionals are what make for a successful tenure in this valuable position.

DARS Lead Encoder

Lead encoders are essentially the lead personnel charged in designing and managing any number of systems and software. As a DARS lead encoder, one will work with college DARS systems to help maintain this crucial progress-tracking tool for staff and students alike. Process and problem analysis, software design fluency, web architecture fluency, and a number of other skills are required here. A passion for education, the college experience, and home-team pride also help greatly.


Another important area of expertise needing fulfillment in web architecture design is that of information analytics. Most considerably-sized ventures and firms rely greatly on the findings of analysts. In web architecture design specifically, this important person may be called on continuously to assess the data and then give an opinion as to coming IT architecture plans, micro-service implementation, upgrades, completely new services, and more. In essence, this professional lends a professional opinion to their client or employer’s future plans.

Software Developer

Finally, software developers play a crucial role in web architecture design endeavors as they create the supportive software just right for the particular events at hand. This exact profession is actually the quickest growing on our list with an extremely high BLS growth rate of 17% until at least the year 2024. Strong math and computer science skills are an absolute must in this valuable skill and profession.

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As our digital world grows, so too do the jobs found therein. These above-mentioned positions are just a handful of the excellent possibilities becoming increasingly in demand with each passing day.