What Industries Employ Web Designers?

Businesses in any industry might have occasional needs for web design services, but there are at least seven industries that employ web designers on a larger scale, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Are you wondering which industries rely on web designers’ expertise most heavily? Read on to discover the industries with the highest employment levels of web designers and the industries currently employing the highest concentrations of web designers. You’ll also learn which industries pay web designers the highest salaries overall. This overview emphasizes web designers with employee status and excludes freelance web designers.

1. The Computer Systems Design Industry

This industry offers some of the most consistent work opportunities available for web designers. In the recent past, this industry offered both high employment levels and high concentrations of web designer jobs. Typical mean pay in this industry is $73,450 annually.

Job opportunities in this niche and others are likely to expand through at least the year 2024. Experts at the Bureau of Labor Statistics predict an upward surge in employment for web designers resulting from the mobile device trend and the increasing popularity of online commerce.

2. The Digital Publishing Industry: Digital Media and Social Media

This industry is another one offering web designers some of their most consistent work opportunities. In the recent past, the digital publishing industry yielded both high employment levels and high concentrations of web designer jobs. Annual mean pay for web designers in this vertical was $75,560 as of 2015.

3. The Public Relations and Advertising Industries

This is another niche with both high employment levels and high concentrations of web designer jobs. In 2015, web designers in these combined industries earned annual mean pay of $72,510.

4. Data Processing, Website Hosting and Similar Services

This industry is responsible for a high concentration of web design jobs. In 2015, this vertical accounted for 1.75 percent of web designers’ total employment numbers. Professional website designers working in this niche earned annual mean pay of $74,620 in 2015.

5. The Manufacturing Industry: Electrical Components, Audio Components and Video Components

Of all the industries that employ web designers, the manufacturing industry stands out as being the one that pays best. As of May 2015, manufacturers of semiconductors and electrical components offered web designers the best pay in the USA; the mean web designer salary in this industry was $92,970. Manufacturers of audio and video components offered web designers the second highest salaries with a mean annual pay of $92,320. Overall, there are not huge numbers of web designers working with either of these types of employers.

6. The Software Publishing Industry

In 2015, software publishers were responsible for nearly one percent of web designers’ total employment numbers. Web designers employed in this industry earned annual mean pay of $88,440.

7. The Finance Industry: Securities and Commodities Brokerages

While the finance industry doesn’t generally employ huge numbers of web designers, the ones who do find work there are paid well for what they do. In 2015, the annual mean pay for a web designer working in this industry was $87,350.

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These are seven industries in the USA that stand out as offering the best employment opportunities for web designers who are seeking full-time work. Freelance web designers need not feel limited to working within these industries, as there are lucrative opportunities for freelance web designers in almost every industry. Now that you have a better understanding of the major industries that employ web designers, we hope you’ll be empowered to maximize your opportunities by tailoring your resume, educational plans and career path accordingly.