If I Get An Associates in Web Design, Which Bachelor Degree Would Best Complement It?

web buildingIf you have earned an associates degree in web design you should be congratulated on earning one of the most forward looking subjects on the planet. Unfortunately, when it comes right down to it, you will probably eventually find yourself working as a technician. If your dream job is working in a hands-on world of web design you are in luck, but if you think you will eventually want to work on a higher level, that of supervising others and leading efforts that will include such skills as web design and the other functions those support, you will need more training. But what kind of training?

A Step Beyond

Getting in on the ground floor of any new business is an exciting time. In fact, your start in web design could possibly be the most exciting and interesting time of your life. The trouble often becomes after a short time you may ask yourself, “Is this all there is?” Unfortunately, to a certain extent, yes. Further, in this set of circumstances the chances are good that if you want a raise in your salary and benefits, you may not get it from the company you work for. Instead, you will probably need to leave one company in order to start at a higher level at another company. However, if you want to advance in a company you will need to bring something better to the proverbial table.

A Degree in What?

Web design is an interesting profession to be sure. The trouble is there will probably come a time when you want more. That’s when the operative question, “More of what?” is asked. The answer is “That depends.”

Almost as interesting as a degree in web design is where it will take you if you accompany your associates with a bachelor’s degree in something else. The good news is that as mufti-dimensional as the web design business can be, additional training can make it even more so. By complimenting your web design degree with something such as a degree in management, general business, marketing, or one of many other options, you could very well be setting yourself up for an exciting ride.

Specifics Please?

As much as you probably enjoy web design, you will also want to advance in your profession. That’s a given. Unfortunately, staying in an entry level position, even in a job that you enjoy will lead to others who are more ambitious getting ahead of you on the advancement ladder. Earning another degree will gain you more skills in addition to web design that will make you more attractive to business owners and managers who will want someone to promote for more responsibilities.

Another benefit of a background in web design is the opportunity it affords you to begin your own business. Of course, in this position you will need to understand more than just web design. You will need to learn to market yourself, keep books, and other areas of your business that will keep it profitable.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “A man who invests his money in his head cannot be robbed.” And although Franklin might not have been in the business of web design, he did have a head for business, which would benefit anyone.