How Do You Become a User Interface Designer?

If you’re interested in a career as a web developer, it could be a smart move to become a user interface designer. If you choose this specialization, it will allow you to focus your talents on creating interfaces for users who work with a variety of ecommerce, mobile and desktop platforms. Let’s explore the credentials and skills you’ll need to find work in this dynamic vocation.

Academic Credentials Required for Becoming a User Interface Designer

There are no universally standardized academic requirements for becoming a user interface designer, but having at least a bachelor’s degree is ideal. This is because significant numbers of employers prefer to hire bachelor’s degree graduates for this position.

If you’re already positive you want to become a user interface designer, there are several major courses of study that can prepare you well for this occupation:

  • Web design
  • Graphic design
  • Human Factors or Human Factors Engineering
  • Human Computer Interaction or Interaction Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Psychology

This job will require you to have a solid understanding of HTML programming methods, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), JavaScript and Microsoft Office products — so if you don’t major in web design, you’ll need to ensure that you load up on relevant courses in these topics.

You’ll also need to become an Adobe Creative Suite power user. If your major course of study doesn’t require coursework in the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, you’ll want to make sure to take these courses as electives. It’s especially beneficial if you can create a portfolio that includes prototypes and mockups while you are taking these classes.

Additionally, as website interfaces grow more complex, you’ll find it increasingly important to take, and excel at, some of the latest computer programming courses. Experience with Agile environments is important to some employers. Many employers want to hire candidates who are experienced with JSON and JQuery. For most newly created UX positions, you’ll find it essential to have experience with mobile interfaces.

What Professional Certifications Are Available for User Interface Designers?

There are numerous certifications available for professionals who wish to distinguish themselves in the field of user interface design. The following links take you to a few of your most easily accessible options for certifications:

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User interface design is an exciting, fast-paced field that will offer growing numbers of job opportunities in the future. Experts at the Bureau of Labor Statistics are predicting exceptionally strong demand for UX designers at least until the year 2024; their forecast is for a 27 percent increase in the numbers of available web developer jobs. If you’re interested in contributing outstanding new user interfaces to the Internet community, it’s a fantastic time to become a user interface designer.