What Degree is Needed for a Career in Application Development?

If you’re interested in mobile application development, then there is no better time in history to start moving towards the career. Mobile application trends haven’t slowed down in the slightest in terms of the ways that they shape and continue to mold the way that people lead their lives, consume media, and purchase their belongings.

The constant demand for newer, more innovative mobile applications continues to develop by the day, and so naturally, many higher education institutions have taken note of these trends and shaped their coursework accordingly. Though it is not necessary for anyone to acquire a degree in order to get your start in mobile application development, there are a number of higher education programs specifically designed to prepare students for the challenges of the competitive mobile application industry.

Though it isn’t a strict requirement to get a degree in mobile application development, the low barrier for entry into the market means that there are millions of other aspiring developers to work against in order to build up a presence in the sea of different offers; knowing this, having the right training and credentials can definitely give you a strong competitive edge.

Mobile Development Training Programs

Many different accredited institutions now offer a wide variety of degrees with specifically-developed coursework based on developing applications for both Apple iOS and Android. These degree programs are specifically called mobile development degree programs, and they are available in growing numbers in both Canada and the United States.

In these programs, students can sharpen their skills in debugging, developing, and designing their own specially-configured software systems in order to manufacture their ideal applications.

Supplementary Coursework

By participating in a mobile development training degree program, graduates are not only endowed with all of the necessary knowledge to maintain a competitive edge at the top of the mobile app development industry, but are also given a well-rounded range of different skills that are vital to supplementing their development skills.

In addition to app design and development, these mobile application development programs also contain a hefty amount of material dedicated to HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. In the current market, an attractive and smoothly-running domain can be invaluable for standing out; for this reason, the mobile app development coursework in these courses can be supplemented with supplementary coursework focused on web design as well. Additional resources in mobile app development programs include user-experience (UE)and user-interface (UI) training.

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Alternative Degree Options

While a number of universities have begun to offer degree programs specifically targeted at mobile app development, there are also a number of degrees that can still serve as valuable and relevant springboard despite not necessarily being made for the specific aim of mobile app development.

Some of the relevant alternative degrees that can be valuable for those with mobile app development aspirations could be an MBA, MS or an AAS in information technology. Outside of information technology degrees, there’s also options such as BS – IT in programming and software development or an AAIT in network administration.