What is a Degree in a Multimedia Design and Development?

Multimedia DesignA degree in multimedia design and development is the perfect choice for students who are interested in different types of visual communications. Multimedia design and development (MDD) refers to various technology fields, such as software, graphic design and web management.

What is Multimedia Design and Development?

This unique degree program teaches students how to create audio, video, 3-D animations, websites and print media. Multimedia design programs specialize in creating graphics, animations and other media that enhance visual communication across different mediums, such as web-based and mobile-based platforms. Upon graduation, students will be able to create digital content, such as computer animations, and web page content, such as interactive banners and clickable ads. Students will also learn about e-commerce, advertising, project management and digital design tools. However, multimedia design and development degrees can actually be broken down into different specialization areas.

Graphic and Multimedia Design

Graphic and multimedia design instructs students how to create engaging and interactive online content, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, this requires a firm grasp of graphic and multimedia design, which includes 3D model, lighting, animation and construction. For example, students will be trained how to digitally enhance images, develop interactive graphic media and build dynamic content for web sites. Classroom curriculum will cover animation, web video fundamentals and advanced imaging and illustration. For instance, on the other hand, animation courses will examine pre-production and production phases of animation design. Students will learn how to translate and synthesize movie elements into a functional production storyboard. Finally, advanced illustration classes will teach students about sophisticated art and drawing techniques, especially vector-based art and illustrations. Students will be able to create appealing web illustrations and develop professional vector-based animations.

Multimedia Design Management

These programs include the fundamentals of web design and graphics, but move on to focus on business basics and project management for complex multimedia projects. For example, students will be able to produce and enhance digital images and video. They will also understand how to design and develop web pages and web-based applications. As a result, they will be ready to supervise a design team or run their own small business. Core coursework will cover the business essentials, such as marketing, advertising and management. For example, internet marketing will compare and contrast traditional marketing strategies to emerging online marketing trends. Students will learn how to remain competitive through building an engaging and profitable website. Lastly, students must master the principles of project management in order to effectively oversee budgets, produce plans, provide leadership, utilize project management software and manage deadlines and schedules.

Web Game Programming

A third type of degree in multimedia design and development is web game programming. This degree specialization is perfect for dedicated gamers who are passionate about creating interactive and engaging web-based games. Students will study how to use multimedia tools and techniques to integrate images, animations, sound effects and video clips into web-based game projects. However, they must master how to use standard programs to design and develop games. Additionally, they will learn how to install, configure, and maintain game-server software programs with industry standard tools and techniques. Sample courses include game development, multimedia programming and interactive web page scripting.

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After successful graduation, students will have already created an impressive professional portfolio that will help them find employment. A degree in multimedia design and development offers excellent variety and interesting specializations.