What is the Most Common Programming Language in Web Design?

Common Programming Language in Web DesignThe answer to the question about which is the most common programming language in Web design depends on a number of variables. This is compounded by the fact that websites, mobile apps and other platforms all refer to the same process of Web development. Having said that, JavaScript and Java are the most common Web development languages.


JavaScript is consistently ranked as one of the most popular programming languages for creating websites. This is because JavaScript is capable of simultaneously controlling browsers, editing displayed content and allowing client-side and asynchronous communication. It was originally developed by Netscape and is based on the C programming language. One of the reasons why JavaScript is immensely popular among developers is because unlike most languages, it is universally accepted and supported by all browsers. This means that there is no need for any compilers or plug-in installations. JavaScript supports both object- and functional-oriented programming. JavaScript is highly structured with standardized syntax and highly dynamic because JavaScript types are connected to values, not variables. JavaScript is commonly used to create PC, mobile and web-based games and applications.


Java is the second most popular and widely used programming language for Web development. Java is an object-oriented language that was developed by Sun Microsystems. This language is the standard platform for mobile, gaming and enterprise applications. Java automatically works on different platforms, so a program that is written for Windows based operating systems will also work on Mac operating systems. Like many programming languages, Java was created with specific goals in mind. Java’s design principles include security, simplicity and portability. While C based languages are notoriously full of security flaws, security functionality of Java has been subjected to intense tests by IT experts around the world. All security vulnerabilities have been found and fixed, so there are headline news articles when a new security bug is discovered.


Python is a dynamic, general purpose programming language that is popular among developers because it allows them to write and run code without compilers. The language design supports code simplicity and readability, so the actual programming syntax is only a few lines of codes. Python offers high-level performance and immediate usability for beginners. Some of the most famous apps that were created by Python include Pinterest and Instagram. Java is supported by many major Web platforms, such as Yahoo! and Google. Python is popular because it offers a large library, paradigm support and automatic memory management. The original design principles for Python focused on extensibility, which means that it is easily embedded and incorporated into existing applications, and compatibility, which means that it integrates with many other programs.

How to Choose the Right Language

Certain factors should be considered when deciding between programming languages, such as the target platform and language domain match. The language should be efficient with user-friendly compilers, so programmers can quickly accomplish their work. The language should be flexible enough to integrate with other programs and powerful enough to provide a satisfactory performance. There should be well-established libraries and online forums and communities, which will help with solving Web development problems. Finally, a tool-oriented language will empower Web developers to edit and control their work.

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JavaScript, Java and Python are the most common programming language in Web design, but CSS, PHP and Ruby are also popular.