Can I get a Web Design Job With an Information Technology Degree?

There are plenty of different types of web design positions, and knowing which positions are projected to be in-demand is important before you enroll in a degree program. There is nothing worse than enrolling in a 4-year degree program, dedicating your time to earning your degree, and then finding that the degree that you have spent so much time to earn will not fulfill the requirements of the most popular employers in the industry. From web designers and developers to web publications designers and web programmers, there are many positions in web design to choose from, and each web design position requires a different skill set. If you are in the process of earning or planning to earn an Information Technology degree, read on and learn if this degree will fulfill the educational requirements set by employers looking for formally educated web designers.

What Skills Will a Degree Program in Information Technology Teach You?

Myriad accredited institutions offer Bachelor of Information Technology degree programs, and the key is to select the best program that will help you develop the most skill in web design. Often called a BIT program, an Information Technology Degree program is an undergraduate academic program that focuses most of the major coursework to classes on computers and technology. Unlike a Computer Science degree program, a BIT program will put emphasis on subjects like information science, communication, business aspects and management. While the exact courses that you will complete in an Information Technology program will vary from school to school, expect an IT degree to prepare you for certification and a wide range of jobs in IT related fields.

Can You Use Your BIT Degree to Get a Job in Web Design?

An Information Technology undergraduate degree will prepare you for several different career paths in the IT industry, and some of these career paths are in web design. If you complete your degree program, you may be able to become an entry-level software engineer, network administrator, database administrator, technical support and more. There are several different web design positions that you can choose from, from animation and Web scripting designers to Web developers who specialize in Database Administration. If the BIT degree program that you complete has a focus on scripting, layouts, and database administration, you can get an entry-level design job with your degree. These jobs are expected to grow by 37 percent by 2016, and you can benefit from the growth in demand by earning your degree.

Most employers that are searching for professional web designers in any aspect of web design will require that applicants have a Bachelor’s degree. You can pursue a degree in Information Technology, a degree with an emphasis in Web Design, or another BS degree that is relevant to field. As long as you can build a quality portfolio and earn the skills you need to succeed in the industry, the BIT degree will land you a job in the growing field of web design. Find an accredited program, put in the effort, and enter a field that you will love for years to come.