What is a Web Design Internship?

Internship is a win-win situation for both companies offering the internship and the students seeking the internship. While companies get quality work for free through interns, the interns get real-world experience which no academic coursework can appropriately substitute for. This actual experience is usually an acceptable field experience required by graduate schools. Understandably, many students in the field may be looking into an internship for web designer majors.

Featured Programs

1. Kaplan University (BS)
2. International Academy of Design and Technology (BS)
3. Rasmussen College (Associate's)

What is Internship?

Internship is an on-the-job training system where college or university students gain work experience related to their chosen major. It seeks to connect academic knowledge and skills to application in a real-world work environment. Internship can provide students a clearer view of what to expect after finishing the academic program.

Students are encouraged to apply for internships developed by their respective colleges or universities. Details of the internship program should be provided by a school’s Career Planning Officer with the assistance of college or university professors. Most internship programs are unpaid while some provide full pay or partial pay.

Internship Requirements

Requirements for internship programs may vary depending on the school and the company where training is to be performed. A typical credit-bearing internship program would require at least 120 hours of working which can be done part-time during a semester or full-time during breaks in summer and winter. Internship policies for specific majors can be provided by the assigned coordinator.

Eligibility for internship will also depend on grade point average, completion of required credits, and approval of faculty adviser. An internship is a graded academic course wherein students are required to provide a record of daily activities, complete a project, prepare a portfolio, and make a final presentation to signal the completion of the internship program. Internships are sometimes done in a working student’s job site but training with other organizations is to be preferred to widen experience and develop new contacts.

Internship in Web Design

Students considering internship in the field of web design should make sure that the chosen internship fits career goals. They should build a portfolio that can include class projects, volunteer projects, or freelance contracts. It should exhibit a student’s clear advantage over other applicants. It never hurts to demonstrate skills and acquire additional related knowledge such as in software packages. Companies offering internships choose among applicants in the same manner that they look for employees thus students must prepare themselves for an interview. A track record of competency and hard work can convince even the most selective employer.

Company Internship

The most obvious source of internship programs are the educational institutions offering web design degree programs. It is safe to presume that the best online degrees can offer equally impressive internship programs. Students can choose their school based on feedback, recommendations, and actual statistics.

Aside from internships offered by schools providing degree programs in web design, there are companies where students are welcome to apprentice. When searching for the top 5 internships for web designer majors, it is also wise to look into the possibility of internship with the leading web design companies including MatchBox Branding, Web 312, White Media, Customer Magnetism, and Hudson Horizons, among others.