How to Get a Web Development Degree Online

Web developers are very much in demand all over the world at this time. Many who are highly qualified can demand their salaries while others choose to open a lucrative web development company. Whatever path one chooses to take, it is important to know how to get an online Web Development degree so one can pursue studies with more ease and convenience.

Featured Programs

1. Colorado Technical University – BS – Web Development
2. Kaplan University – BSIT – Web Development
3. DeVry University – BS – Web Development and Administration

More Than a Hobby

Early web developers were more of hobbyists exploring possibilities offered by the Internet. Web development became a serious career option when it became clear that the online world was not about to slow down. In fact, its growth was tremendously fast that it was necessary to have educated and skilled people build and manage websites for small companies as well as large corporations. From a hobby, web development became a highly sought-after career opportunity.


Students who wish to pursue careers that will entail working on websites should consider an online degree. They will need to contact an online representative of the chosen college or university as directed on respective websites. The said representative will be able to answer inquiries of prospective students to help them in deciding whether to register or consider other school options. Enrolling for an associate or bachelor’s degree requires possession of high school diploma or equivalent. Individual schools may require additional requirements from applicants.

Expected Coursework

An online web development degree seeks to provide students with the ability to provide verbal and written solutions to technical issues faced by users and organizations aiming for excellent online presence; to evaluate the effectiveness of trends, practices, and products in relation to systems and users; and to understand how information systems and technology affect processes pertaining to business and the economy. To be able to provide these abilities to graduates, students are required to complete courses that seek to develop knowledge, communication skills, creative skills, critical thinking, and technical competencies that are current and therefore relevant to the existing workplace. This will require learning beyond the basic HTML and acquiring expertise in more advanced languages such as Java, Flash, and others to come up with multimedia presentations that will work for the computer to the advantage of its users.

A typical web development curriculum would include courses in E-Commerce, Web Architecture, Web Application Development, Database Infrastructure, Web Security, Innovation, Continuous Learning, and Interaction with Computers as well as courses in Programming and Operations Analysis. It is a must that web development degree students not only become skilled in design principles and techniques but also skilled in understanding customer needs. Web developers who are not able to grasp the individual needs of their customers can never truly work to their best advantage. Successful web developers take the time to understand customer issues before even attempting to address them.


There are many colleges and universities who are offering online study to prospective web development students. These include the University of Phoenix, Capella University, American Intercontinental University Online, Colorado Technical University Online, Saint Leo University, Westwood College Online, De Vry University, Strayer University, Worchester Polytechnic Institute, Western Governors University, Regis University, Utica College Online, Virginia College Online, University of Maryland College Online, Northern Arizona University, Arizona State University, Bellevue University Online, UMass Online, and Lincoln College Online.

Featured Programs

1. Kaplan University (BS)
2. International Academy of Design and Technology (BS)
3. Rasmussen College (Associate's)

Students should choose accredited institutions as they try to determine how to get web development degree online.