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We’re here to help you explore the best web design schools and inform you about career options available to web design school graduates. We provide web design degree reviews and rankings as well as articles about how to get started in the web design career of your choosing. Not sure what type of web degree or program you’re interested in? Wondering about part time versus full time, online versus traditional brick-and-mortar? Wondering about the highest paying jobs in web design, and what kinds of companies might want you to work for them after you graduate? This site is designed to help answer these questions, too.

The Best Web Design School Rankings

Our editors evaluate publicly available information on web design schools and select the best schools in a variety of categories, including budget web design schools, part time web design schools, and online web design schools. These rankings are designed to be a starting point as you explore furthering your education as a web designer. We also review and rank programs in related areas such as website development. Our web design school and web development program profiles provide detailed information about individual schools and programs, including areas of concentration; entrance difficultly; program options such as part time versus full time and online versus campus-based; tuition, financial aid options, major rankings or achievements, on-campus facilities, companies where graduates typically find jobs, and more.

The Highest Paying Jobs for Web Designers

web design degreeWeb design is an important field. Web designers are in high demand and many have high paying jobs. Many individuals pursue a job in web design for these reasons. How much can a web designer make? We provide information about the highest paying web design jobs as well as companies that are well-known for their web design shops, where you may want to consider applying when you complete your degree.  See our article on highest paying jobs for web designers.

How to Get a Job in Web Design

The best web designers have a high degree of visual skill and creativity.  They can envision not just individual web pages but entire websites, and then they can build that vision. The best web designers also have good communication skills and can work well in a team environment where they may assist clients or their employer directly in designing and developing websites. Check out our article on how to get a job in web design.

Web Design Degrees and Programs Guide

Are you interested in graphic design, website design, or website development, but aren’t sure which specific area you’d like to study? Our degree guides can help.  Start with our article What is a Web Design Degree, and explore further from there.